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5 Flirty Treats That Will Melt Him

Since Halloween is nearly here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite flirting techniques you can use to have him holding you close this October.

Put your fears to bed, and watch…

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30 Replies to “5 Flirty Treats That Will Melt Him”

  • Hiya! I’m sorry that this question isn’t directly related to this post, but i did want to ask you&co a question and I think this is where I do that.
    This is mostly specific to online dating, but what coudl I do if I’ve agreed to meet someone for a date in say, 5 days from “now”- for whatever scheduling reasons we can’t meet up sooner, but by day 3 or so of texting I start getting the gut-feeling that I am not going to feel the connection I want with this person and I rather wish I didn’t have to go on the date.. or keep replying… I’ve generally gone by the rule that I should always meet them before I judge but… my gut feeling has pretty much always panned out and I have a lovely, full life that I’m starting to resent taking time out of to end up on on boring dates. However, it feels super rude and incredible hurtful to be like “Actually, after chatting with you longer I have changed my mind… peace out bro!”

    Part of me feels that I should go on as many dates as possible cause it’s all a numbers game and even bad dates are good practice, but the other part of me feels that my time and company is precious, and I want to be selfish with it!

    Thank you in advance if you’re able to help!
    All my best,

  • Funny video Matthew…I was hoping the robe was going to disappear at the end. That would have been a real Halloween treat! x

  • so what are we still waiting for now?! And no! I wouldn`t buy you any candy treats but rather a fine bottle of something as that feels more appropriate when it comes to you :p))

  • Dear Matt and team,
    Nice ideas! You are such a treat and you never miss a trick, do you?!
    Found my special guy thanks to you, and a great friend from the retreat. Eternally grateful. xx

  • Hi!
    I just watched the part where you let out a small giggle after that joke like 10 times! So cute! Made me laugh thanks for making my day, great video!

  • Dear Matthew,

    Been following you for a while and read some of your blogs, your books, saw your vids.
    In the last time I noticed that you talked more but the things, that women need to do to make a man fall for her. And most of the time it’s to make the man feel strong and protective. I understand. He feels manly. He feels strong. But…. what if a woman is stronger?

    Look, you advise to go to a haunted house for a date, so the girl -me- could cling on him and he cut protect her. In panic situations, there’s two instincts: flee or fight. You suppose, the woman should always flee. What if I’m a fighter? In my family, everyone is strong. My brothers do martial arts, I repair the car myself and I’m not a tiny princess, that needs a man to carry her luggage. In fact, I’m taller that most. So, I’m every group I’m in, I always become the leader instantly. If the group gets unter attract, I would be up front guarding them.

    Why would I hide that, my personality to make a man feel strong? To like me? Why would I downgrade my strength to let him feel like he is saving me, when I really think “I would have done this faster an better…”

    Matthew, I really think u should not tell women to make themselves smaller in order to please men. Teach men to be stronger, to level up their game to reach ours.

    Apart from that…. your pretty nice. :)


  • I want to know why it’s consistently women who are the ones to do special sexy things for men while men just take iand not think of those types of alluring things for women? I did this type of sexy outfit idea with quite a few men during my life and nothing but a smile and I’m out of the $100+ outfit in 5 min.

  • Keep up the great work Matthew ! And to Steffi who questions why we should let me feel like the protector … it’s because it’s in their nature .. and plainly it’s what works! I am also a very strong , secure woman but I am strong enough to let my feminine side realize how wonderful it feels to have my man ” protect ” and care for me . It shows him how safe it makes me feel and makes him feel love and attraction … try it Steffi…

  • good day

    this guy he has a girlfriend he used me and hurt me then i haven’t heard from him in month now his back and i don’t know what too do because im still inlove with him

  • Brilliant

    Just found out my guys favourite candy tonight & your video got me thinking about sending him a surprise gift.

  • matt you know i must say that your british charm will never wear off ..gota love british people, but most importantly u <3 i know you are reading this and probably thinking ahha omg thats so sweet and yes it is .. but u no what i was really wondering and im sure so many are too, is whats going on with your love life?? how do u date? are you like omg i need to give this girl advice if shes doing it all wrong?? but then im sure you wouldnt even date her at that point too hahahaha… ahh prob makes dating so extra for you since im sure you realize everything shes doing .. ok rant over.. cheers matt!!!!!!!

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