Here’s A Quick Way To Get A Guy To Fall For You

Women ask us about a lot of their problems, but most of them boil down to this:

“Matt, I need your advice; I need to know how to get a guy I want, to want me!”

While we aren’t all born playboy’s and sex goddesses, the good news is that with the right instructions, you can learn how to get a guy to fall for you.

There is no foolproof user’s manual that will get you a 100% success rate, but if you follow our simple tips, your effectiveness in this area of your life will skyrocket.

So let’s suppose you met a guy, it went well, and you got his number. Now, a lot of women are well-adapted to doing this, hell, a lot of them are shaking guys off who are trying to get their digits.

But once you have his details, how do you get a guy to love you?

Not just be sorta, kinda, maybe interested, but you know, really into you!

There are four instructions I want you to remember once you have a guys number:

Statements, not questions

Don’t ask a question every text/email!

Messages with statements are much more powerful if executed properly. By just sending a simple line you can entice interest and leave him wanting for more e.g. “Wow, you are just like xxx from (movie name)”. He will want to know why.

This brings us on to our next point:

Don’t bore him! Tease him!

Think about this: Why text? If you wanted a genuine conversation you may as well make a phone call.

Texting is a tool that should be used sparingly, to elicit an emotion, make future plans or indicate your interest in a guy (while obviously spiking his!).

Under no circumstances should it descend into a tedious repartee of mindless questioning back and forth “Hey, I’m so bored, wat u up to? Hows things?”. This opening says all the wrong things; it is dull and at worst, validation-seeking.

Bottom line: If you’re bored, you’re going to bore him.

You can even send a single text to bust and tease him. For example, if you already have been with a man intimately and want to keep things going, you can send him a message the next morning along the lines of: “I just thought you should know, last night I found Whitney Houston on your Ipod. I knew this could never work…..x”

Play high value

You don’t have to be all 1950’s about this. Arranging a date can mean meeting a guy for a 30 minute coffee before you go to the gym.

If it’s a man you only met recently, and just want a chance to know him a bit better, arrange a quick date on your terms “I’m getting together with some friends at seven, thought you might like to meet up for a drink before”.

Now you win both ways, if all goes well you can arrange a future date there and then; if he can’t make it, then you have your plans regardless. And you can be guaranteed that if he likes you and genuinely can’t make it, he’ll be biting your hand off to re-schedule for another time.

If you want to get a guy to love you, learn the above steps and you’ll be well on your way!

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