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Body Language To Attract Men – Get A Guy Interested Fast

‘90% of all human communication is non-verbal’ – something I’m sure we’ve all heard 100 times before, yet most of us still fail to take this under any sort of consideration when trying to attract men. So do you really need the right body language to attract men?

Body language can be a simple subject in a lot of ways; shoulders back, stand tall, strong eye contact… Yeah, yeah, yeah…

But let me reiterate: 90% of all human communication is non-verbal.

Just let that really sink in for a moment, and think of how it could be affecting your interactions with guys. Paying attention? Great, let’s get started with the basics of the best body language to attract men…

1) Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

So much of conventional body language advice black and white. “Don’t put your hands in your pockets, you’ll seem nervous.” And the classic, “Don’t cross your arms, you’ll seem standoffish.” Now whilst both of these rules may be true if you live doing them; they’re fine to do every now then in everyday conversation.

Honestly you don’t need to take this stuff too seriously or you’ll end up looking more like a military soldier standing to attention rather than someone who is attractive to men.

Take everything you say hear (including this) with a pinch of salt. No one has perfect body language 100% of the time, and it would be incredibly unnatural to try and do so. But put these tips into practice when out to attract men, and you’ll see a dramatic difference in your progress.

2) Gesture More

You’ll find one fundamental similarity between the most charismatic people you meet, the best presenters on TV and even the greatest orators of all time: they all gesture when they speak. Gesturing is an integral part of communication, and it’s a great way to attract men.

As well as allowing you to elaborate and emphasize a particular point, gesturing makes for easier flirting. If you find it difficult to suddenly break the touch barrier with a guy, it’s because you’ve been trying to reach out and grab him with dormant limbs. Start gesturing when you speak and you’ll find flirting with guys a lot easier.

However, the mistake that this may lead to is gesturing too much. People who gesture too much can seem quite nervous, and it often distracts the person that’s listening from what you’re saying. So it’s important that you find a happy medium

3) Give Him An Opening

In regards to the way you stand with your friends on a night out; give a guy an avenue to approach you. Many women stand in a group like a fortress with their backs to the rest of the room, making it almost impossible for any guy to come over.

Instead you should be standing side by side in more of a V-shape so that you’ve still got each others full attention, but so that a guy can approach you.

Put these tips into practice and you’ll see a difference in the number of guys approaching you immediately!

When it comes to body language to attract men, the more hints and tips you have at your disposal, the faster you’ll find the man of your dreams.

Now you know the basics of the body language to attract guys, it’s crucial you know what to do when you get then approaching you…

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