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How to STOP Letting Fear Steal Your Dreams

We are all victims of fear. Fear that costs us precious hours, days, months, years – time we can never recover – and leads us to miss out on love, joy, fun, and emotional fulfillment.

In this week’s video, we’re going to dive deeper and look at the 3 biggest causes of fear, and learn a powerful secret to help you finally take back control…

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17 Replies to “How to STOP Letting Fear Steal Your Dreams”

  • I wanna tell you “thank you” endless times,matthew

    I watched this video 3 times

    I really needed this video these days

    thank you very much
    you are the great

    I love your videos very much
    thank you

  • I watched this video and the video after this. What I am beginning to realize to not over value one word and one statement. That sometimes saying the word hate and saying the negative thing it can actually propel the situation to the opposite direction with the right intention. How you just flat out called suicide boring. Man that was a brave thing to say to someone yet the result you got with her was amazing.

  • I love this video, it made me cry. The tears were real because I know what it’s like to experience that kind of fear that you miss out on so many good things.
    Right now my circumstances are pretty tough with my son. But what I don’t want, is for my son and myself to miss out on having that someone special in our lives, because I allowed fear to hold me back. And I definitely don’t want to be alone.
    You’re right though. I need to rewire my brain to change the way I think even though life for us is a whirlwind. Rewiring can take time. But the more I hear your stuff, the more it’s changing the way I think about my current circumstances, and how much I don’t want to stay in that same place.
    Thank you Matt x ;0)

  • First thing I must say is, whoever gave you that haircut, you should stay loyal to. You look like you did in your early videos. So young. And I see you have been working out again. You look perfect (to me). You have the silhouette I really admire. I think I saw that video before, but I’m a more elevated mind now, so here I go.

  • I really like this video a lot
    .you are so right about not wasting the time to capture true love because of your own fear. I learn a lot from your video. Thanks so much

  • Really moving video! Just what I needed to inspire me to move past my fear about starting a new life. What a transformation! Thank you for this and ALL of the wonderful videos you share!

  • I seem to have an issue with always attracting the same guy. He’s not the “Bad Boy” your mom warns you about. In fact he’s the iconic “Nice Guy”.

    I like nice guys. I think it’s sweet when they open doors for me and listen to me when I talk. I love it when they answer their phones and make time for me. These things make me all gooey and weak at the knees. But this “Nice Guy” who always shows up with a different name and face, claiming to be into me, is not actually as “nice” as he seems.

    As I get to know this guy I start to realize he’s not really very into me at all. He’s into the idea of a relationship. He’s into “having a girlfriend”. He’s into making out. But he’s not into ME. All the little things that make me unique usually confuse or even disappoint him. He’s too “nice” to outwardly disagree with my opinions and preferences but I can see it on his face.

    At first this guy invests a lot of time and energy in me. He takes me on dates and makes me feel valued. He buys me flowers. He tells me I’m beautiful. Then . . . he stops. Suddenly I’m making all the plans. I’m driving to pick him up. He starts canceling on me. I try to hold back instead of picking up the slack but then he complains that I don’t care about him and am not giving him enough of my time. On one hand he’s needy and clingy and doesn’t like it when I make plans without him but on the other hand he’s . . . not there and not making me a priority or including me in his life.

    Ultimately (after a month or two) I decide that I don’t feel loved or supported by this guy and break things off only to be perused by another “nice guy” a few months later.

    What can I do to break this pattern? How can I attract a guy who cares about me for who I am rather than one who just thinks I’m cute and wants a girlfriend (any girl will do) and who will continue to invest energy in me over time, rather than leaving me to pull the weight of the entire relationship?

    (I know this question doesn’t have anything to do with the video but I didn’t see anywhere else I could ask it)

  • Matthew, I am sure you are younger than me and have a ton of woman throwing themselves at you because you are so cute!!!! But I have to say I am interested because you seem like such a challenge and I am sure this is a fantasy for me but just to have a private conversation with you would be an interesting thrill! Lol….

  • Hey Matt, first comment!! Feel bad as your videos have been helping me for a long time! In and out of relationships. Sure you get loads of these but just thanks so much for being so authentic, logical and all round awesome. Don’t know where my love life would be with out you

  • I am really torn between two things: I want to have a committed deep relationship and I get a panic attack when I think of renouncing my freedom and independence. I need a guy who is stable and reliable and provides me with a lot of space (I am very loyal and devoted so I give the same space in return).
    I seem to have chosen the guys who are either emotionally unavailable or unsuitable so there is always a good excuse for me to get out of a relationship. However, I started breaking the pattern but it doesn’t work so fast – ha!

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