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How to Conquer Fear and Embrace Your Next Chapter

I’ve met many women on my programs who are scared because life is changing around them.

Relationships come and go. Children grow up. People get fired. Love is lost and found. It’s all difficult.

But what if you could make change work for you? What if you didn’t have to feel afraid and helpless anymore?

In this video, I’m going to share my biggest 2 secrets about long-term change and show how you can be 5x more prepared and excited for this new chapter in your life…

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21 Replies to “How to Conquer Fear and Embrace Your Next Chapter”

  • Matt, my dad used to wear jumpers like this in the 90’s… Please consider to reconsider :-)

    For the audience: Go to this retreat and let it change the way you approach your life forever!

  • The moment I had a transition in my life, the best thing is pause. Ask myself what are the things that I should do vs versus what I should’nt do. If I had lost things, I look up what’s the best that I have left.. rather than pitying myself it’s better to look up to what future that we should materialised it… Inner strength, social support does matter.. sometimes we do felt we are lost in our own world like everything was the end… Negativity only make it worse and make yourself drowning

  • What an amazing and touching video. Thank you Matt, from someone whose life took a very unexpected twist, it really hits home. It’s what you do with what you are handed that makes all the difference…

  • Thank you for such a positive message. sometimes one needs to see the transition outside the box and change the angle to see as an opportunity for a new start. I am currently looking for job and your video came on a good day. Thanks for been so positive.

  • Hi Matt,

    I was married for 10 years six years into the marriage I started a photography business not knowing what I was getting into having faith in ability and love of photography a year into it I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and for other associated Coinfection’s extremely Ill I had to be put on IV anabiotic’s still working my other job as a hairstylist eight months into treatment I received a phone call telling me my husband was having an affair with his wife three weeks later I turn 40 then my husband told me he was not attracted to me anymore and wanted to divorce a week later he left our home and abandoned me and our marriage putting us on a two-year battle of divorce. Now I’m trying to find my way with peace and grace.

  • Thank you for this, Matthew! I really needed to hear this today as a reminder of all the lessons from the retreat. It is such a powerful program and I have made so much progress since August. Please, ladies. I urge you to go if you are struggling with anything in life or just want to improve your already good situation. You will grow!!!

  • My husband left me to be with an adultress after being together for 10 years. Im in my mid 50s, children are grown and on their own now. Im alone which im not use to. How to overcome this loniness.

  • wow did not expect this message, thought it was going to be another texting suggestion video. transitions can be scary but good. I am a pro at it and you just reminded me, thanks Matt. I know you are speaking to a ton of people but you have a way of making me believe this message was for me. Thanks

  • That was a beautiful, helpful, inspiring video. And also, Matt, you need to go ice skating in that sweater immediately.

  • I read this quote (author, Jeanette Winterson):

    “What you risk reveals what you value.
    You play. You win. You play. You lose. You play.”

    This is my life.

    Love you, and thanks…

    p.s. I would LOVE to come to your retreat but lost my job…
    If you decide to do some kind of raffle for a place in your next event, please include me!
    baci from Rome!

  • hello ,
    my name is chantelle, I have currently been in many situations like sexual abuse , depression , being a danger to my self , any ways I was with josh for 10 month we met on Valentine’s , and we just instantly clicked , our relationship was so balanced , such as I can tell him if I had a problem same with him and we would work it out together , after being abused last year I told him when I first got with him and he was with me every step of the way , after what happened to me ive been so conscious I hate my body , I don’t like people touching me except from josh , well we have moved into 3 different houses already and we moved into his younger sisters to help them out with money , but they are so petty about everything like hiding toilet roll complaining nothings getting done , and they always threatened us , if you don’t do this where kicking you out , so josh said to them why there being petty ….. Any ways they told us to pack our bags , I was at work the same day at 11pm and didn’t finish till 4 …… so we packed some things and josh was acting normal telling me to act normal as if it wasn’t a big problem ……. so we went to his friends , his mam said he could stay at theres but I couldnt because of his sister being pregnant so I told him look I have no where I will have to walk the streets , he said your not going to like this but if I find you have walked the streets I’m finishing you tomorrow , and with my depression I take comments like that to much , any one could say anything and I’ll think right I don’t want to be here . so I walked away he texted me all night and rang me saying he didn’t mean to he loves me so much and if I can’t stay any where he will walk the streets and ways I went to work , and he said he is staying at his mams , I was supposed to stay at a friends but I couldn’t so then I really had no where to go so I was in the rain for 3 hours until I went to my mams and I text him the next day saying I’m at my mams, he was taking so long to reply and I got a horrible feeling , he sent me a huge paragraph saying he loves me it wasn’t my fault he needs to be stable but he needs to do it alone because its hard , i was devastated I though to my self if he loves me got engaged and where planning to have a kid why leave me in such a mess , he couldn’t wait until Tuesday so we got a house ? honestly I love him so much I feel comfortable around him , i love everything about the way he makes me smile , but now I feel like crap I really want him back with out think I have done something , is it because I’m not good enough , he wouldn’t just think this , I am so committed I couldn’t do the same with any one , but he always said to people he can be himself when he is around me , I really need help I do want him back , I don’t know what he is feeling because he’s being a bit blunt ?? is it me !! please please help me try and get him back I’m to forgiving but I’m to kind because of everything I’ve been put though

  • If by some miracle you read this Matthew.
    Just know that you just effing made one of the worst days , into one of the most hopeful .
    So Thank you :)

  • Hi Matt! I love your life’s work and this video on transition really spoke to me. I have been married for 28 years in an abusive relationship – not physically, but every other way and I stayed for my children. Now I am getting a divorce and moving south. The idea of that is scary and exciting at the same time but after listening to you, I feel more excited about it than scared. Thank you SO much. Love and peace to you, and keep up the fine work.

  • It’s strange because the Bob Marley quote you mentioned in the video was a quote that I had stenciled onto her bedroom wall when my father passed away. She herself has recently passed away and now the quote is appropriate for me!
    The pain of loss is so much greater than the pain of rejection and stepping out of my comfort zone that I have no problem (And have no choice!)but to embrace change.

    Thank you and I look forward to future content

  • Thank you for this message Matt! I really need this. I am having a hard time to adjust from a breakup. So weird to be alone again for the first time for a long time and with this business that I’m trying to build is also slow and I feel like it’s not gonna work anymore.

    This message gives me courage and make me feel better today. I will keep watching this when I’m down again and feel scared again of what the future have for me.

    God bless you and your team Matt! xxx

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