How To Experience A Deeper Connection Within Any Relationship

Many relationships reach that point where you feel you want a deeper connection with your partner in order to take the relationship to the next level.

Once the novelty of having a new person in your life begins to wear thin its important to find ways of deepening your connection in order to not only maintain the relationship but also allow it to flourish.

In order to encourage a deeper connection with your partner I advise these two steps;

Step 1) Spending time apart

Now this may seem surprising. After all if you want a deeper connection you should spend as much time together as possible right? Wrong!

In a relationship it is important that you keep that attraction going once you’re in the “comfort” stage.

This is not to say that your man is going to get bored of you if he sees you too much but he will begin to be so used to having you around that he doesn’t realise how much he appreciates you.

A few days apart will make him realise the things he loves about you, the things he misses and saying goodbye for a substantial amount of time will make saying hello again much more exciting!

Allowing yourself and him to miss each other will keep that spark of excitement in the relationship.

Step 2) Indulging in his passions

In order to strengthen the connection in your relationship it’s important that your guy doesn’t only see you as his girlfriend but also as a best friend he can enjoy all aspects of his life with.

If your boyfriend sees you as separate from the rest of his life a truly deep connection will never be established. Inevitably your man will of course have passions such as work, football or films that he indulges in separately to his time with you and that’s healthy but it is important that he feels he can share these with you as well.

Find a way to be a part of the other things he enjoys aside from the usual ‘couply’ things he does with you. Ask him about work even if you have no idea what a radio-planning engineer does… watch a football match with him even if you don’t understand the offside rule.

You don’t have to pretend it’s your passion as well but allowing him to see that he can include you in all areas of his life will help him see you as an important part of his life not just an added extra who looks good in a skirt.

When your man shares his passions with you he will realise he can enjoy these things with you as well as with  his mates and seeing him passionate about something will help you feel closer to him and more attracted to him even if its not your thing!

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