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Coming To America…

Near Los Angeles?

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I really meant it in the video when I said I’m going to go where you want me most. Obviously I can’t go everywhere, but I want to go where you guys are most passionate and willing to come with all your friends and family too! Tell me in the comments which city you’d most like me to come visit..

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347 Replies to “Coming To America…”

  • Matthew,

    You have no idea how much MIAMI NEEDS YOU!!!

    We are known to be one of the worst cities to date in. I am very much looking forward to buying your book and attending one of your events.You have amazing advice that I have not been able to get anywhere!

    So please book that flight to Miami ASAP! =0)



  • DALLAS,TX! DALLAS,TX! DALLAS,TX!!! We’ve got 2 all girls schools in the area full of clueless girls, help us out!

  • Come to L.A.! I hope you can make a room reservation for the seminar at the Holiday Inn near Universal Studios. Or you can rent a room at the Beverly Garland Hotel, in North Hollywood, CA. You will need to call them and or ask for references. Please keep us posted! Thanks!

  • Hi Matt,
    What is the sexiest part of your body?
    Off topic? …I know! On a serious note, you are awesome! I would really want to share your advice in french, to the Caribbean culture (Haitians,Antiyers, turkans, I m thinking you and i can work together to make it happen. What do you think?

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