Get The Guy — Book Unveiling & Outline…

This is a video of me getting my hands on the US version of the book for the first time.

I asked the publishers NOT to put me on the book… and they did… not only on the front, but in a bow tie and braces…

The book is split into three sections:

*Find the Guy*

-Become the chooser, not the chaser
-Taking great conversations to first dates
-Texting (and actual examples you can use)
-Online dating – how to create a profile, the likes of which he has never seen!

*Get the Guy*

-The ‘Attraction Formula’
-The art of creating a great date
-Sex Talk (part one)
-What to do if you’re stuck in the friend zone
-Why he hasn’t called (and how to get him to!)

*Keep the Guy*

-How to stop scaring guys away with ‘premature obligation’
-What guys really think about Commitment
-Sex Talk (part deux)
-Creating life-long relationships


The ideas in this book are equally relevant, whether you’re in a relationship or single.

In reading it you’ll know how to expand your social circle, develop a better quality of relationship, become a better conversationalist, and live a happier life.

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47 Replies to “Get The Guy — Book Unveiling & Outline…”

  • 1st. I can’t wait to have your book as a forme GTG member I owe it to me :)
    2nd. Matt, you better fasten your seatbelt because you’ll take off like a rocket!

    All the best!!!

  • Congratulations on this rite of passage in your wonderful career, Matthew. I’m happy to see how your life’s path is unfolding before our eyes and so many people are benefitting from it.

  • Hi, Matt !

    it’s always good to watch your videos. I can feel your energy and your enthousiasm even from where I live. ^^
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book !

    I hope you’re having a great time with your Live USA Tour !

    Kind regards,

  • “I asked the publishers NOT to put me on the book… and they did… not only on the front, but in a bow tie and braces…” don’t worry u look gorgeous …thanks for your time and the effort that you had put in this book.. looking forward to read it

  • Congratulations! I do have 1 question though. How does the book differ from the Man Myth program? Are they the same? Thanks and wishing you the most success.


  • congratulations matt and thx for ur effort far away i just want to ask if i can get this book am from Egypt

  • Hi Matt & everyone at HTH,

    Big companies do what they want to make that money. But your great material.


  • Hey Matt,
    Congratulations on the new book! I love the cover.
    I tried to order the book, but they are unable to ship it to me because i live in New Zealand! Do you know when they will be releasing it here. I love listening to you on the Man Myth, but would LOVE to read your book too!

  • Super excited for this book! Please come to western canada soon matt, Calgary AB especially! Congrats on everything :)

  • Hi Matt

    When I spoke to one of your colleagues last year or so I asked if you did any books as I cannot get to your seminars because they are always too far away, so I was delighted to hear you have. I’ve already got your first book and looks like this one will be my second! You are the best because you give practical advice and not just a lot of empty talk from which you learn nothing like the other relationship guides. Thank you Matt – you are a little ray of sunshine to all us ladies!

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