Awkward! How to Deal When You See Your Ex

You broke up with your ex. It didn’t end well. What do you do or say when you run into him? The trick is prepping beforehand so you are “emotionally fit” when you see him again. Do this and you’ll not only tackle the awkwardness head-on, but you’ll also feel pretty fabulous about yourself. I show you how in  this week’s episode of LOVELife... 

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6 Replies to “Awkward! How to Deal When You See Your Ex”

  • I love your advice Matt, because most of the time people will tell you to act normal or happy when you see your ex. But it is always awkward.

  • That was nicely done. Clear. To the point. She knows what to do. Action from the heart. :) Thanks again, Matt.

  • Great advice Matt. I particularly liked the way you suggested naming the awkwardness of the situation in terms of meeting your ex first time after break up. If it happens to me I hope I’ve got the strength to tell him that and not run away and hide:)

  • Brill! Found myself standing ion an empty early am City bound train platform in June … on walks and stands a couple of feet away from me a a guy I thought was the love of my life, but in reality, has played me for the past six years only eve to reject me on text citing work, stress, kuds not the right time blah, blah .yes always! And nauseatingly nice – “your the kind of lovely girl I want when I am older” ( he”s 54 and a successful hedgefund manager).
    But this time I changed my reaction. I did nothing and said nithing. I was so angry/hurt.
    i never bothered to even reply to the latest oh so nice dumping text .
    Fast forward three months of no contact amd karma finally presented me with this moment three months later … i said hi and calmly and looking straight into his eyes I asked: ” are things better now?” .
    He shifted looking pissed off at me and said ” I wouldnt say that” and as the train pulled in I turned to him and added: ” I’m sorry I didnt reply to your text – I just didnt know what to say…” He teplied I lnow what you mean ..and looked to the floor with hid head down..
    At which point I added I’m off to Cattle class knowing he would go to 1st so we woukdnt sit together – in one moment if nothing else – by being calm and neutral – i felt proud I had kept my dignity and perhaps made him pause for thought about his emtionally abusive behaviour towards me. Yes, regrets, that this normally happy, sassy professional girl had wasted so much time with him and angered at myself in that I was never strong enough to say no each time he came back into my life with his lies about what he wanted and how much he cared/ needed me.
    But then I am learning to not be so hard on myself – I was bereaved in 2008 with no kids – so a guy with kids who ssys he needs your help with his was slways going to appeal.
    Thanks Mathew for keeping it real – sometimes a girl will fall for a lone wolf wrapped in sheep’s clothing – who knows what to say to draw her in and plays a game to make her believe there’s a future when there really is not – just walking away is the best optin even though I thought he was the one..
    Thank you for giving me the tools to stay strong.
    Debs ftom sunnty Tumbridge WellsI Uk

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