This One Decision Will Take Your Life From Average To Extraordinary…

Ever wonder how some people seem to live more inspirational, passionate, exciting lives than everyone else?

They go on adventures. They meet exciting people. They live in a world they create and bring their passions into everything they do.

How do you get to live at this incredible level? What’s the secret? 

Understand this simple key and  you can always take your life to the next level, no matter where you are today…

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20 Replies to “This One Decision Will Take Your Life From Average To Extraordinary…”

  • Matthew keep sending me self help ways to get out of never ending heart breaking relationship please. I’m in deep I need help

  • Love Back to the Future! My first crush was Michael J Fox at 11 years old lol! Great video Matt, really fun :-) xxx

  • That flash back scene cracked me up. Nice on guys.

    I recently got my version of a Delorian, at age 34 I realised my dream of having my very own DJ set up. Over the past year I’ve bought a couple of reconditioned 1210’s, spent ages ages researching mixers, headphones, speakers and now something I’ve always want since I a little girl. Now, I don’t have plans of becoming a pro DJ and don’t always have the time/ energy to mix as much as I’d like but when I do step up to the 1’s and 2’s it makes me so happy and giddy! :)

  • Bravo Matt , bravo Jameson, Mike and all the team, excellent video again!! You are doing such a great thing. And have so much impact.
    God, I have to push myself harder, stop being comfy and start doing great things more often. In fact every day indeed! Thanks a lot, best to you!

  • Such a lovely video! Came at the perfect time. It’s a huge deal people truly remember how we make them feel. That’s why we should always be sending good vibes and love out in the world. There is just not nearly enough of it going around right now. The world would be amazing place if that was the case. It will be someday but until then just like you said we have to go out and create our own magic!

  • Brilliant as always. I am turning 28 next month. I have started to accomplish what I have always been aiming for or what I have grown up thinking how my life should be. Of course after a lot of work.
    The Thing is I used to have that sense of spark that is no longer around. It used to come off naturally.
    It has been killed slowly as I grew older by me being overtly realistic and reasonable about almost everything in my life in order to keep winning and avoid losing at any expense.
    Yes things that I aim for do happen but without the spark and the excitement that used to be there and without me enjoying the process anymore.
    I think having that spark and sense of excitement and fun in everything we do does come from being slightly irrational ,unreasonable and unrealistic just the way we used to be when we were little kids.
    Unfortunately I am in a different continent away from where you are so making it to one of your retreats isn’t feasible but watching this made gave me a lot to think about.
    Thank you for the insight Matt, as always :)

  • I loved the Retreat in 2016!….I love being responsibly-irrational….Thanks Matthew! Hugs! ;) <3

  • Matthew is amazing! I’ve been watching his videos and listening to his podcasts and I am in wonder at the level of wisdom he possesses. He is able to talk to his audience is such a humble and caring way that I feel like he is able to transcend time and space. I can’t wait to attend one of his presentations in NYC. Thank you Matthew!

  • How uncanny. The very piece of music in the background, I was listening to on the way to ballet in my car last Wednesday. I”m presently on The First Year Cello Method very early lessons!! But I decided there and then I am going to learn that piece and be amazing at it!!
    Great advice Matt and great taste in music lol xxxx

  • Ah how wonderfully enriching.

    I’ve been experimenting wildly with connecting to that playful, creative, free – yes, unreasonable! – part of me, after realizing how much power lies in that suppressed part of me, and frankly, it’s been a bumpy ride as I let go of the reins and end up causing havoc, haha

    I’ve been quite stumped as to how to integrate this aspect in a world driven by material constraints, and have tried out all sorts of approaches, amongst which was the delegation of tasks: that intuitive, feeling, boundless part being the one who is the springwell of what I want, whilst the rational part’s task should “only” be the concrete organization of how that can be achieved. All very complicated :D

    The concept of being responsibly unreasonable (with the Delorian to underpin the argument, genius! The argument itself being an example of it in action!) makes all that so much simpler and clearer!

    Thank you!!

  • Matthew,

    Finally you’re speaking my language!!

    I refuse to grow old.

    My frustration isn’t that I sit on my a$$ doing nothing..its that it seems like all the guys are home watching football, scratching themselves & drinking beer while I’m out seeing the world. The ones out there have been transformed into Phone Zombies. I’m not kidding!! I follow my bliss, go camping on my own, take amazing road trips, and in every town I go to, everyone is staring at their phone.

    How do I break the spell without being obnoxious or looking attention-starved?? It’s like watching that Star Trek episide where everyone gets addicted to a virtual reality game and it takes over their brains. (Yes, I *did* use to watch a lot of TV.) ;)

  • I can’t believe how the universe works sometimes! My classmates and I from NHI were literally having this conversation just TWO days ago after having been read a short story by our instructor about about the difference between growing old and growing up. It involved an elderly woman who had set a goal for herself through her passion and her dreams and didn’t stop until that goal was met, and every step of the way she lit up the room and touched the hearts of those around her through her humor, her positivity, and her drive. Even though she was doing things and setting goals many people her age couldn’t do or wouldn’t even attempt, those things were so important to her that she didn’t allow herself to pass on without achieving them.

    We talked about how we grow old, of course physically every year and every day – that is inevitable, through our attitudes about life that are conditioned into us.
    Some of us are so terrified of getting old that we either forget to LIVE or we don’t allow ourselves to grow up into those “responsible irrational” adults that we’re supposed to be. We can’t tell the difference between being immature/childish and staying connected to our Inner Child.

    My friend spoke of how when we are children and we see something we want, we don’t think about all the things that could go wrong trying to get it, we just go for it! And as we get older the opposite happens. We spend too much of our time overthinking and over-analyzing and more often than not we miss out on great things and opportunities because of that hesitation.

    I was one that always felt OLD. Though I knew I was young my Spirit felt so old. And at certain points that feeling became (and becomes) more profound. There were times it was so unbearable I wondered why I was still alive when I was just being made to go through the same purgatory again and again and I just wanted it to end…. Now, especially over the last 6 months at NHI as it opens me up and has allowed me to undergo true healing, I feel like I’m at the point where I’m finally meeting my child self half way. I thought she was lost to me… It’s like those people who come close to death that talk about seeing the Light and there being a feeling of peace and joy from it and familiar faces there waiting with open arms to great them… My child self is in the Light before me with open arms and a fearless smile, welcoming me to a brighter future and a more optimistic Now….

  • Love this, particularly as after all the weird things that have happened in my life over the past years, I am finally living life as I want. I am more than slightly unreasonable — as one of my dear friends said in describing our dogs, they are so uncivilized. That’s how I proudly describe myself now and life gets better daily.

  • On your video about being irrational… I painted my 1985 honda aero 80cc Pink! Matching helmet too. I thought to myself what girl wouldn’t want a pink scooter? I made it happen. I do get all kinds of looks, waves, and honks!!! However, 2 months ago the rear tire blew at 46mph leaving me a broken collar bone. It’s now been two months and I’m still in pain. But when you fall off you have to get back on. I feel like this in my single life as well. With some horrible online dating experiences im at the point of not even trying anymore. As much as I don’t want to be single, I came to the rational if it happens it happens. I keep running into guys who just “want to be friends.” those are a key phrase that make my skin crawl. Ha. Well, at least im okay with being single for now, i will not lose hope, but as I watch all your videos, it gives me great joy for when that time comes, i will be ready.

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