Why Should You Work Hard In Life?

Today I’m going to be exposing an incredible little creature to the world; someone so unique and special, with so much to say, that I felt I had to bring her before you.

After one of my intensive Women’s Weekend programmes in New York I was looking to record a testimonial video with someone from the weekend who had already gone on to immediately get some truly incredible results. What ended up happening however was something entirely different…

This is going to be the first of a handful of videos with an oracle of wisdom, the first of which answers the hugely important question, why should you work hard in life?

Be sure to leave a comment! And we’ll be back with Episode 2 very shortly!

Matthew x

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12 Replies to “Why Should You Work Hard In Life?”

  • LOL She is too cute! For someone so young she seems to be on point with what she wants to convey. She reminds me of my young one. Have her on again!

  • She reminds me that we should have more fun in life and being REAL !!! We are so busy and spend so much time on working hard for achieving somethings that seems so important in our life, however, we didn’t realized that we were lost to just being human…not serious and have some fun…! Really great video & love it!

    1. Hi Mathew
      The little girl in your video is so cute, she reminds me that has adults how much of the child in us we have lost. We take things way to serious when not needed. Work hard Yes! take the fun out of it no!

  • This video only got 3 responses?
    How sad!
    I was smiling all the way through!
    Can´t wait for the next episode! Go Aurora and Matt!

  • Very entertaining. This girl is great under pressure, I think she should get to ask Matt some life questions next time around…. :)

  • This little girl is a gem really! And insisting in talking about maths was so very cute… Interestingly enough I found it quite to the point regarding relationships and success. She talked about fractions and divisions describing the core problem of people. We are fractioned inside, living in a divided society where the differences and the niche of individual is disregarded if not totally suppressed. Success though, requires the unification of one’s strengths to point single-mindedly towards the direction of happiness, love and abundance. Yet with the instillation of self doubt and derogation of the feminine entity by a disoriented masculinity – I must say – we end up landing in the stagnant area of lack in every field. Matthew you are doing an excellent work for both man and women …. Targeting on women you also help reshape misguided manhood also, which so far dominated the picture. My gratefulness to you rises from earth to heaven. With your work you are definitely contributing to the reshaping of humanity through relationships. Oh boy, oh boy… only God knows how great your contribution is!!! God bless you always. And as a last word I am adding my wish that your plans include Greece also. I promise to be your personal assistant and instant translator of your word. And rest assured that I am the best you could find! Vicky Chrisikou

  • LOL
    This is hilarious and so adorable!!
    You handled the young smart lady well!
    … if you don’t want any lessons (Maths to be specific) you end up like Matt LOL

  • “Yeah, that’s a real name.”

    This is the best video. Y’all should go on the road. Comedy, innit.

    (Matt looks like Richard Armitage here — I finally figured it out.)

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