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7 Steps To Get The Guy In Time For The Holidays

With all of the hype around the holidays you’d think that EVERYONE has someone special to share them with.

The romantic movies, the songs about kissing under the mistletoe, the TV commercials where men drop to one knee beside the Christmas tree and pull out a sparkly diamond ring… It’s enough to make a single girl completely STRESSED!

Even if you don’t have any prospects in sight, it’s still not too late to find someone special to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

This week’s video is about everything you can do this December to create more opportunities than you ever have before, with the ultimate goal of getting the romance you want in time for the holidays.

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16 Replies to “7 Steps To Get The Guy In Time For The Holidays”

  • I love the guide, Matt! I have been trying to say yes to opportunities that have come my way, this winter, although my first instinct is to stress about the invite etc. and then talk myself out of it. ( admit it is so much easier to hang out at home with a book or movie Bridget Jones style – lol!) Happy to have been going out, because it gets me more comfortable interacting with people. Nothing romantic so far, but have gotten to know a few guys better, and have had quite interesting stories to tell my friends!
    Looking back at last holiday season, I am already ahead of the game and view each opportunity as a learning experience! Such a win for me!
    Will also try to reconnect with some friends, because I would like to do so. Need to catch up and will keep myself open to opportunity!
    Thanks again for the guide!
    Warmest regards,
    Shev XX

  • Matthew,HELP… please…
    I have been flirting with a guy I met here in LA at convention 8 yrs ago and have kept in touch with on a flirty nature since on and off. The feeling was mutual when we met too. For the last few years though via emailing on FB we have been more constant with messaging.

    I’ve known him 8 yrs but he is 4,000 miles away and have grown to really like him with all we have shared with each other. For 4yrs on FB he always LIKES my every comment on his posts and replies to them in a Private Message instead of on the post. Its a fan page of his.

    He is F’ing AMAZING!!! An artist,intelligent, clever, quick witted, sexy, honorable, funny, and easy to talk to. He seems to think the same of me from what he has said to me.

    In the last month though it has been emailing every few days & the flirting has come to confessions of strong attraction towards one another. He has been opening up more than before. I told him I loved an art piece from a film he did an he said he sent me an art piece he did for the holidays of which was in a major motion picture. Very rare and special, not something you’d give to anybody. I have been very thankful and complimentary with the fact he is doing this for me and he has responded well but the last email I sent, I may have replied back too much information, asking questions about his art, talking about work ethic… as well as complimenting him on his smile again which he said I have been making him smile more lately. He sent me a photo he took for me with the art piece he is sending and I said he looked sexy and that I have not been able to get him out of my mind since I got the photo. (too much?…) I also told him in response to him saying the hugs and kisses I sent long distance in my last email were “very tasty’… I replied to that with “I’ve wondered more than once what out kisses would taste like too.” & then sent more hugs and kisses…..(too much I know)
    Now it has been a week and he has not replied yet when he usually replies in a day…. Did i say too much?… How can I repair my mistake of saying too much?….Is he blowing me off or just processing all the new info I gave him….
    His package from his country should arrive on Tuesday. should I ignore what I said in the last email and respond with a new email saying ” Mission accomplished on my end Mr. Bond, Your package has arrived. Operation Ho Ho Ho is in its final countdown.” (He said Mission Accomplished when he finished the art work & sent it. and he knows I am not planning to open it until christmas day) I thought I would role play to shift the energy of my last email confessing how I felt about his photo & very tasty kisses….. I feel so stupid and upset I said so much and he didn’t respond…. I know better too but I am feeling so much for him these last few weeks and my hormones are out of control and I am trying to tell him I want more than a friendship in my own way.

    Do you think he is processing this heavy message I sent or is he telling me he is not interested. The last 4 weeks he has been overly excited to email me and making sexy but not cheap/trashy comments. Saying I am sexy, I make him smile, and he has gone out of his way to do this artwork and have his workplace handle sending it to me etc…while drivng 40 minutes out of his way to deliver the art to be sent. He may think since we live so far apart it is pointless to continue with the flirtation that will amount to nothing but I am willing to move to his country as I have no ties here in the USA(I have not told him this though) How do I tell him I would want to explore something real & that moving for me is not a problem (since I am so sick of LA bullcrap)… Should I tell him I would move for him?…

    When I open his art piece Christmas should I tell him I want to thank him in person? (hinting at seeing each other) Or should I do nothing and see what he does next. I feel odd he has sent me something he did special for me and to ignore him is rude. Normaly when I have done something to push a guy away in my hometown, I just pull away myself until he comes back but it would be rude to ignore his gift….. I was thinking of sending him a photo of me with the art once I open it. or is it too much ?… Please help Matt. I have never liked a guy like this in my life and i have had 20 years of dating under my belt. Long distance though is out of my experience. I don’t want to screw this up… I am so upset which tells me how much I care. Normally I just say next but Wow! I think over the last 8 years of getting to know him I have grown to love him. Thanks for any advice. :) xxxx

    1. Just take a step back, breath, relax and I know it’s hard but try not to over think things. Do what feel’s right for you, once you have taken the time to step out of the immediate picture and looked at it from an outside view, you will know what to do.

  • Oh Merry Christmas Matthew. You can’t take the Christ out of Christmas cause all that’s left is just a mas and that’s never been good for anyone.

    1. My phone is DUMB!!
      Mistletoe carry it so at least you get some kisses if nothing else. I know it will definitely be in my pocket!
      Um…Matt did you get a sunburn or are you just insanely passionate about Christmas?

  • Hi Matt your blog makes me giggle, I’m having a really difficult time in my life and I don’t know what I would do without your advice to make me smile. Thank you Pearl

  • Matt,

    First I wondered what happened with your eyes bags, then I saw the yellow band of “Matthew Live Tour” on top. I guess you have not sleep enough preparing for the tour!

    I totally admire your work, I totally admire your spirit and I understand that’s how you get successful but please do take care of yourself and you know why better than me, :) ..



  • Hi Matthew!

    Sometimes I’m sooo angry when I’m watching you, because, you know… its annoying, when somebody is always right. It should be obvious for all of us – that we should be open, sociable and never be shy of ourselves (cause we are valuable etc. Yes, I read a book and, as I said, you are always right). Reality is so much different. But everything is in us, right? I’m trying to follow your advices and I’m sure one day I’ll have perfect man. Now, step by step I’m building again my broken confidence.

    Thanks for all you’re doing for us. Hope we will meet one day (I’m thinking about London, but you should think about visiting Poland – womans here really need to change and become more open, confidence and maybe just more happy? You’re making people happy. Thank you for your support! )

    I wish all of you all the best. Merry Christmass!

  • Hi Matt,

    I’m having a party – you’re invited!
    You might need to buy your plane ticket to London though! ;)


  • Hey Matt

    I came to one of the first London sessions you ever did. It was years ago! About 20 women in a room, just having some fun. Look how far you’ve come! Unfortunately I haven’t come so far and am still very much single (with several what I like to call pseudo-relationships in between – you know, the ‘I love you but it’s not the right time/place/planet’ ones). I’ve been pretty naughty this year but you never know, Santa still might bring me a kiss under the mistletoe this year x

  • Matt, how can you miss the middle button on your shirt?! I find it ever so distracting, or maybe I tend to focus on the irrelevant stuff! Will go back and watch the rest of the video now, thanks!

  • Meet my man about over a year ago at a mate’s birthday party in November, wasn’t going to end up going to the party, glad I did, been together since!

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