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5 First Date Tips That Make Him Want More

What’s the #1 sexiest thing a woman can do on a first date?

What really makes a guy want you depends on how you make him feel in your company.

He needs to feel intrigued. He needs to feel attractive. He needs to feel a sense of fun…

This week, I’m going to teach you 5 killer lines you can say to any guy to fill him with great emotions and get him dying to see you again…

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28 Replies to “5 First Date Tips That Make Him Want More”

  • Hey Matt,
    Love your videos and tips! But how can I get in touch with you? Because I kinda have something going on here but unfortunately you haven’t postet anything that could help me yet.
    Please met me know!

  • Great comedy touch Matthew :) I love the video and I’m definitely gonna try this one out. On the next date ;)

  • I love ur post but u haven’t put it into as yet due to the fact that I’m a university student and can’t find the time on earth to do so.But thank you anyway.

  • Why didn’t you just ask her if she wanted popcorn? That one was a bit oblique.

    I missed the prison orange video!

    That last line is a killer. I’m using it!

  • Great advice! As usual…& You look great in everything Matthew! ;) Hugs! Now, you can put a halo around everything in your wardrobe…I mean closet..LOL! <3

  • Brilliant brilliant!
    Really great ideas.
    Gotta knock the guy over with the yes to popcorn, I am ready for fun positivity.

  • So I woke up this morning and was checking my emails; and saw this email. When I opened it and watched this video I was excited to watch it because Matthew is such a comedian in so many different ways. He immediately grabbed my attention and I was so happy that I watched it because I found myself laughing throughout the whole thing! Thank you for starting my Sunday off on a great note. I’m off to try and create another movie in this endless sea of available men I’ve been meeting online; who might possibly deserve to meet this quality woman in person.

  • Can you do more videos or a programme on how to be more outgoing? I follow all your advice but my social awkwardness and nervousness ruins all my dates and relationships. I was even told it didn’t work out because I’m weird which has made even me more self-aware. Please help!

  • Love the movie guy voice/trailer. Great advice and excellent production. U rock, Jameson. Matt, ur hilarious. Kudos to the GTG Team! This one is on REPEAT. :)

  • I want to first start by thanking you for the amazing videos you share with the female community. It’s very helpful. However I have a concern to share with you: In most of the videos, you talk a lot about meeting new people and taking risks which I’m all for. But in certain countries – Morocco for instance – Just meeting a decent guy is a challenge: there are no respectable clubs to go to and bars are only frequented by delinquents that make you fear for your life ( it’s a very serious safety issue in our country). I try to get out there as much as possible – with or without a group of friends – but the spectrum is very limited and the idea of talking to strangers while we’re in a group of friends – either all female or mixed- is completely absent in our society. And what makes things even more complicated is our culture, that goes against the whole getting out there philosophy. I’m not the most conformist girl in the world, but I can’t deny my culture which makes it a double standard for me. Given all this controversy do you think that your program would still work in such a complicated society of shame and pretense and hypocrisy ( not everyone, but like 70%)?
    Thank you again for all the advice and tips you give.

  • #1 is so true — being definitive about something can be so fun. The guy I am dating and I had a conversation about flowers that became the sunflowers versus the roses. I won’t go into all of it here but it started maybe four months ago and is still going :)

  • Thank you Jameson for telling him to stop attacking Americans. We say the same thing wardrobe and cinema I mean really geesh !! Get it together to the outrageous British or maybe he is from Brooklyn,NY . Thanks for the laughter.

  • Some other girl and guy, would love this swirling sky… tried the “I love [blank]” too and it made for electric conversation– especially since he disagrees ;)
    Thanks Matt!

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