3 Things to Never Say to a Guy

I’ve got an incredibly rare surprise for you today that will change the way you flirt with men forever:

I’m giving you an entire chapter of my bestselling guide, How to Talk to Men, for free!

I’ve never given away a whole chapter of a program before, but I see how important this topic is to our community and I want to help.

BUT first…

Before I teach you what TO do when flirting, I need to show you what NOT to do:

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21 Replies to “3 Things to Never Say to a Guy”

  • I loved the free chapter. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have an issue with guys seeing me in a different way like teasing about seeing me in a bikini. Sometimes, it’s all they seem to want. Does your book address when all a guy want is intimacy and not a relationship?

  • I can’t wait to get a man to try this stuff on! You and your brother Steve have taught me immeasurable knowledge about getting and maintaining a healthy relationship. We ladies can’t thank you enough :) I have How To Talk To Men and I have to say everyone should get it! Thanks Matthew!

  • What is it with men that they don’t know that to get a “He’s cute !” from a girl, is such a big compliment, and it means she’s really interested :):)
    by the way Matt, are you growing your hair..?.. I like the blue navy shirt on you though :)
    as for the video, although it turns the conversation less spontaneous, I hear you.. ;)

    1. Maybe it’s that us guys don’t want to be treated like a puppy or a baby. “Cute,” Reminds us of what our aunties and Grandmas call us, it’s just kind of a turn off.

      1. Just like a guy doesn’t want to hear that’s cute…women don’t either. I had a guy tell me once that I was “looking cute” in a picture. I’m not at an age where cute is what I want to be. He saw it as a compliment, I was kind of insulted by it.

  • Im a man, let me say this to you! On the video, first thing you say ” dont say thats cute”. I feel why is it a womans responsibility to make sure the man gets what she is saying? Obviously she means well, if the man takes it like you say in video, then it might be his fault interpret it wrongly. I see its 2 way part there. I know you try to sell a concept to women who dont feel secure in themselves, those are the people you earn money on. Which makes you a dick! I get you give this chapter out for free but its not out of generosity but to make them believe they do something wrong and how to flirt. All a women need is confidence, believe in themselves. not some shit like this. Last thing you said is not to make a man feel stupid about not having watched a video. To be honest, i say it all the time to girls and men. This do not apply to women but to humans. Stop addressing like this is a women job to act like something or behave. This is stupid.

  • Since I’ve stared reading your work, and hearing your podcasts on how and what women should or shouldn’t do around guys, I’ve noticed, that guys I’ve been dating are doing the exact same things you tell women to avoid….
    Just something for you to think about

  • As a dude, I can say he hits the nail on the head here. Please note that for a really self-assured man the effects he mentions in the video may be present, but reduced.
    The worst thing he mentions here is the “that’s cute”. If you have a great guy, he WILL have things he’s passionate about. A flippant “that’s cute” when he’s divulging something on his heart is a sure-fire way to put distance between the two of you connecting.

  • Hello Matt:
    Thanks for ll your videos and programmes. I have seen them and have help me a lot. I am dating a divorced man with little children and sometimes I feel that some of your advice won’t work as they are tailored to single guys. Can you make a video about dating divorce men? Thanks a bunch! Trini

  • Matt,

    I normally really enjoy your content and believe the vast majority of your advice is psychologically sound. But this video felt like “how to walk on egg shells so you don’t offend men in even the slightest way because men are so super fragile”.

    Did I miss something?? Something that requires women, yet again, to take more emotional responsibility in everything with men….so now as women it’s our responsibility to treat men as gently as possible? But they don’t have to be responsible for their own insecurities in their responses because they haven’t seen a popular movie??

    Feeling disgusted.

  • I know your tips and tricks are valuable.. but me standing in front of a guy I like.. absolutely useless.. I freeze like a 10 year old that was just asked to explain E=mc2.. and act all shy and coy. Your advice only works on confident sassy women who are not shy to speak.

    1. It’s because you need to practice practice practice on other guys that you don’t fancy. And women. Just practice with other people and it will make you feel more confident and becomes second nature. I recommend the women’s weekend if you get the chance

  • Im tring to use your advice. They are really good. But i couldnot back my bf. He never called me and now he has a new gf. Im really sad and disapointed. I dont know how to forget him. I really love him. I cant see any other man as my bf. He was so uniqu. I dont know what to do. I lost myself and my way. He was my solemate. Why he doesnot love me anymore?

  • hi
    thank you so much :)
    I need the text of the videos, because my internet speed is not good and I can not see the videos.

    I saw one of your videos and was great
    Thank you

    :) :)

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