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3 Meaningful Compliments That Make A Guy Fall For You

I’m about to share some secret phrases that no man can resist hearing. I’m always scared to give these away, so promise me you’ll use them for good…;)

These phrases, when used on a guy, will give the ability you:

  • Stay in his memory
  • Make him feel like more of a man around you
  • Override his logical brain and get him to melt in your presence

But first: you need to know the difference between compliments and flattery. A compliment is a comment that feels earnt. It’s what makes a guy know that you see the best in him and it makes him want to be his best self around you. Flattery is just pumping a guy’s ego. It’s what you get when a woman simply throws praise at guy even if he’s done nothing to deserve it.


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27 Replies to “3 Meaningful Compliments That Make A Guy Fall For You”

  • EXCELLENT, AS ALWAYS MATTHEW I always feel that you’re talking to me and to my situation. THANK YOU xx I would like to tell you about myself and my situation but I’m quite a private person. However, I would like to give you a compliment, Matthew, as I like your dress style, especially the black waistcoat co-ordinated with the white top and black slightly ripped jeans, very smart and also sexy.

  • How is it that this man understands women so well? Does he have lots of professional female advisers to coach him. Men just dont have this ability to understand women – at least not in my experience and I have been around for a while. Is he part girl I wonder?

  • I read as much as I can about your advice Matt- but some things I cant get a grip on… for instance there is a guy who’s a few years younger then me.. I have a incredible attraction too- when I am around him at gym he teases the crap out of me like all the time- sometimes I get a touch- other times a wink. Other times he can be standoffish so I leave him be. Shortly after- he always seems to be where I am at- or I catch him watching me… I am tired of what seems like to me as he is either not man enough to approach me and take it further or playing games with me. How do I just stay away from him so he either has to step up finally and make a play- or just learn to stay away from him.

  • Dear Matthew! I have been your faithful follower since your very first video, bying your programs, book etc. I really love you but I cant hepl but notice that for some time you repeat yourself most of the time. in the vid you didnt give any new advice. all the tricks have been already given by you in other vids and articles on your blog. there is less and less new, fresh ideas in your weekly videos.
    I hope you dont think I am a terrible person for writing it. I am and will stay your faithful follower and client but recently I havent been as inspired by you as I used to be…

    1. I think the repetition is OK because remember, there are new viewers/audiences who have not heard this before and it is their first time learning these concepts.

  • You should put something in your book about not over giving to a man which women do, also about blueprint and being a precious gemstone – which isn’t in keep the guy despite promises.

  • Hi Matt. I came across your blog from suggested videos on YouTube. I love your tips tricks and advice you give.

    My guy doesn’t seem to understand, or at least he acts like he doesn’t, what I’m talking about when it comes to well a lot of things. Can this damaged relationship be salvaged? Can I/we learn to trust each other again?

  • Is there a way to click on a link that would allow me to read the messsage instead of watching the video? I dont have time. I need the info but when i see i have to watch a video i delete the message without watching since there is no option to read instead

      1. Some people prefer to read and can read faster than it is said and it may work better for others who have problems hearing and miss what is being said and need to rewind multiple times to get everything.

  • You’re warning on this guide is cracking me up: “Any use of the following material will dramatically increase the amount of available men interested in being around you. Use them wisely!”

    I too have seen this material before but appreciate the reminders!

  • Hi Matthew, I have a question for you. An acquaintence told me that a guy will know when you are right for him just by the first moment he looks at you. Her husband knew she was right for him the first moment he saw her. Portia de Rossi said she knew Ellen DeGeneres was right for her, “she liked her from the first moment she saw her.” My brother-in-law said “when I looked into my sister’s eyes, I knew there was a God.” High School friend’s husband said “when I looked into Nancy’s puppy dog’s eyes, I knew I could go to distance with her.” This did not make sense to me as how can you have feelings for someone you do not even know. But when a man does see you as the right person for her, what would be the best way to respond or approach him/encourage him? I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you, Ellen.

  • Still can’t get to the free guide at saythistohim. The team said there were changes being made to the system and to keep trying. I have tried several times with no luck. Any chance you could just email to be directly please?
    Many thanks,

  • You are truly amazing , I learned so many things from your advice and I appreciate your help and thought!

  • Thank you Matthew and to your team for reaching out to me to send the emails. I love how you look at the video. And for your advice, awesome <3

  • You should make it clear in your book that men need space and to act cool and high value if you feel him pulling away and how men can come on strong at first to win you then once you start putting them on a pedestal feel smothered. I don’t think you make enough of this!!

  • Thank you Matthew I bought your book in Amazon i cant wait to read all the time. I’m from Tokyo Japan

  • I have a beautiful, cool (calm, confident, popular)and very smart daughter. She may have an extra 5-10 lbs on her but because of where we live she think guys won’t even speak to her because she is too fat. She is not fat and she maintains healthy weight and works out. She is 17 and has not been kissed since she was 12, or had a single guy show the slightest interest in her. She is popular but not for dating and her best friends are girls the guys are always telling HER how pretty THEY are (and can she help them win their hearts). It breaks hers. She is so distraught and confused about why they don’t like her (like that). She has a lot of guy friends and they adore and respect her. But nobody shows her the slightest interest. I tell you she is very pretty and honestly prettier (not skinnier) than her friends. What kind of vibe is she putting out there that makes no one interested in this beautiful girl?

    1. Do you think it might be possible that those guys think your daughter is VERY pretty and so cool and confident that she wouldn’t be interested in them, or that they are scared to make a direct move, so they test the waters by seeing how she responds when they deflect attention to the other girls? A couple of times guys I’ve known a while have told me friends of mine were attractive and asked me if I thought they should ask them out. And I’d say yes, even if I liked the guy, because I wanted to be a true friend and encourage them to go after who they want. Then someone else would ask me out, and the guy who SAID he wanted to date my friend got upset because I had never considered him. But he had never ASKED. Maybe that’s what’s happening with your daughter. I’m glad she’s so confident though. In the end though, it may come down to belief, or showing that she’s approachable, or flirting a bit in a lighthearted way. In my experience, it’s usually the average-looking girls, with confidence and flirtatiousness, who get the guys, while a really pretty smart girl with everything going for her might seem intimidating (out of their league) unless she is giving out “it’s safe to approach me” signals. Like sometimes a guy will keep going to the bar next to you every time you go up to order drinks and chats, but tells you the reason he keeps standing there is that he likes the girl serving bar in that spot. But then he keeps letting people be served before him if you haven’t been served yet. ????? A few pounds isn’t enough to make someone seem unattractive.

  • Stay to the end because “I have something really special waiting for you that you will not want to miss.” So I watched to the end. Tease.

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