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Why Men Cheat On Women In Relationships

Why Men Cheat On Women In Relationships

This is an issue that causes a lot of people a lot of pain, some see it coming and others just don’t see it at all. But the one question that we all have when something like this happens is… why?

Why me and why did he do that to me? There are believe it or not some BIG reasons why men do go off and cheat, but the important thing is we need to separate the factors that are to do with him and to do with you, because there seems to be a lot of unnecessary pain that really doesn’t need to be there.

1. Men have a big need for variety

Men need to have variety when in a relationship, this could be in terms of personality or maybe even what happens in the bedroom – men think about their fantasies a lot so it’s important for a woman to notice these and try to fulfill them.

2. Men can fall into the “grass is greener..” mentality

If the two of you stopped investing in the relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically then it’s going to become neutral and stagnant at some point. This will lead to the guy thinking he needs to go and make something happen else where.

3. Insecurity – for the both of you

Men have a big need for validation as do all of us as human beings. If a man doesn’t feel as though he’s validated enough in a relationship then he’ll often go elsewhere to get that validation.