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Bring Back The Live Event Feeling!

Bring Back The ‘Women’s Weekend Feeling’!

This is going out to just those of you who have attended a Women’s Weekend event.

The following was filmed at my final US GetTheGuy Tour event in Seattle and should bring back all of the great feelings from the live event you’ve been to.

There’s a surprise at the end, and I wanted to share this with you as a thank you for coming out to see a live event. Enjoy!


*Special Announcement*

This year there’s been the chance to work with me for 5 days on one of my two life-change Retreat programmes.

With over 4 MONTHS to go, these two events are now COMPLETELY SOLD OUT (as well as having a full waiting list).


I have just been able to squeeze in one final date for the year: November 4–8.

I’ve yet to send around any big promotion for this as I wanted to give you first option to apply and as a thank you for coming out to see an event.

If you’re serious about gaining more confidence, taking on something that’s been holding you back, and reaching a new level in life, this is your chance to get in now and avoid disappointment before places go.

(And if recent events are anything to go by, we’re going to be overwhelmed with applicants and 100% sold out as soon as we’ve found the right people who are ready for the program.)

These events are few and far between and I don’t want you to miss out. This is your chance to get in and join me with a head-start.

Please Note: Places for The High Value Women’s Retreat are by application only.

My team has set up a simple online process on the following page to determine your readiness for the program. Our promise is to grant admission only to those who we feel are a right fit. In short, we will only allow you to attend if we genuinely believe it is going to give you the change you want.

How the application process works:

Once you have filled in your application, a member of my team will give you a call within 48 hours of reviewing your answers. If there is a specific time that you would like for us to call, you have the opportunity to let us know at the end of the application.

Don’t feel the need to be a perfectionist in filling out the form. Just write from the heart and allow your passion and drive to come through. We are not looking for people of any particular financial status, level of success or background. We have people from all walks of life attending this program and we simply want to find out a little more about the changes you’d like to make, and your level of commitment to making them.

Good luck, and have fun writing about the most important subject of your life, YOU!

Event details:

The dates are Monday November 4th through Friday November 8th, and details of the trip can be discussed during your interview.

If you think November is a long time to wait, we’ve got you covered…

ln the months prior to the next program, we have a series of surprises to get you warmed up and ready in the interim. Having longer to prepare is no bad thing. It only makes the training that much more effective when you arrive.