Find, Attract And Keep Your Ideal Guy

“Matthew is a genius whose magic needs to be shared with the world. This book is a necessary tool for anyone looking for love.”
– Eva Longoria, Television & Film Actress

In celebration of my new book GetTheGuy, and my new show on NBC ‘Ready For Love’, I’m going to 10 major USA cities to help women across America find love.

This video was taken from a question and answer session at my Los Angeles event (the first stop on the tour). I still have 9 more stops to go, and there is still time to get tickets.

Buy The Book, Get a Free Event Ticket

At an event you’re going to learn…

  • Simple but powerful attraction methods that will have men falling over themselves to meet you – I’m even going to show you how you can transform your physical attractiveness to a man using just the way you move.
  • The simplest ways to meet quality guys and the best places – Your weekends will be full of exciting meet-ups with new guys that you WANT to spend time with.
  • The psychology of men – delving inside the male mind to figure out the answers to questions like, “Why didn’t he call back?” and, “Why is he blowing hot and cold?”.
  • Why men don’t commit and how to get him to commit – You will see a DRAMATIC change in him almost instantly.
  • What keeps men interested – NEVER AGAIN will you wonder why he won’t call you back, or contact you when you’ve had such a great time together.

    And all you have to do to get your ticket is order a copy of the GetTheGuy book.

    Here are a list of the tour dates that you can join me on:

    – New York – April 13
    – Philadelphia – April 20
    – Toronto – April 21
    – San Diego – April 27
    – San Francisco – April 28
    – Chicago – May 4
    – Atlanta – May 5
    – Dallas – May 11
    – Seattle – May 18

    All events will run from 1–5pm with the exception of New York which will run from 2–6pm. All venues will be confirmed on sending in your receipt.

    Once you have pre-ordered your book and have your receipt, forward it onto the team at with your name, contact number, and chosen date/location. We’ll then put you on the guest list, confirm your place by email, and let you know the venue.

    That’s it, no extra ticket fee.

    Really simple steps:

    • Pre-order your book
    • Forward your receipt on to us at with your name, contact number, and chosen date/location
    • We’ll then confirm your place on the tour date you’ve selected
    • You’ll get your book on Tuesday April 9th – the official U.S. release date

    I can’t wait to see you!