*NEW SERIES* Could it be true? After 3+ years off the air…is our podcast ‘Love Life With Matthew Hussey’ really back??


And what’s really exciting is that this time around I am joined by my brother, and co-writer of the New York Times bestselling Get The Guy book, Stephen Hussey! (@stephenhhussey)

In fact, he’s going to be introducing each episode as we go on this new podcast adventure together.

Exciting times!

So whatever you’re doing right now, you don’t even need to stop it. Just fire up episode 1 in your car, or while you’re doing chores
around the house, and let us know what you think!

Today we talk about: Why The Wrong Guys ALWAYS Approach You.

If you’ve wondered how to get the attention of the guy you really want instead of the ones you don’t, this episode for you!

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Matthew x