What will your dating life look like in the second half of 2021?

As worldwide restrictions started to ease, news outlets declared that the post-lockdown world would likely give birth to a “new Roaring ‘20s”—a bacchanalian frenzy the likes of which our generation has never seen.

While it’s true that some will embrace this openness with abandon, new studies are revealing something unexpected: many people are interested in finding a serious relationship as a result of the pandemic, because this past year has made them aware of the traits they value most in a partner.

This particular moment is critical, because many people are likely to “panic buy” their way into a relationship—throwing themselves into the first nice person they meet as soon as the “gates open.”

Thankfully, there’s a simple step you can take before a first date that will ensure you’re meeting people who are a better fit. In this episode, you’ll learn how to find a committed partner who will be excited to redefine the “new Roaring ‘20s” with you (whether or not they can dance the Charleston).

Here for you, Matthew x

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