A mere 2 weeks ago it would have been hard to conceive of a world that was about to heat up considerably beyond the tension and emotion already experienced in 2020.

Then came the murder of George Floyd.

Since then, I, living in Los Angeles, have watched the United States – and beyond – reach a boiling point on race issues.

It’s a dark time, and yet it also feels like a time where real change could be possible. I find myself asking of what service I can possibly be.

Another weekend rolls around, my weekly video spot awaits my thoughts, and I have no clever words chambered. It doesn’t feel like the week for a love life video.

And yet it does feel like a week where I want to be with you, my community, more than ever. I ask politely that you not confuse that with my having any answers. All I have is me, letting the Black members of my community know what I have always felt – that I consider you my sisters and brothers, and that I, Matthew Hussey, stand with you, always.

The fact that Black lives “mattering” is even an idea that needs support in the year 2020 is an astonishing prospect. But to all the Black members of this community, let the bloody obvious be stated here and now: My team and I love you, and you matter to us.

To brighter days. For anyone interested I have included a list below of organizations I have chosen to support with donations this week.

**In addition, when we first posted the new YouTube video this morning, I had it demonetized out of respect so as not to profit from this video. However many of you pointed out in the comments that it would be better to have ads turned on and have the revenue go to the cause. I love the idea, so I have, and 100% of the proceeds from this week’s YouTube video will also be donated to the causes below.

1 – My Brother’s Keeper Alliance https://www.obama.org/mbka/

2 – Center for Policing Equity https://policingequity.org

3 – Equal Justice Initiative https://eji.org

4 – NAACP https://www.naacp.org

5 – The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund https://www.obama.org/girlsopportunityalliance/