Has this ever happened to you?

You’re on a first date… and…

He’s charming, handsome, and you feel like you have chemistry…

But at the end of the night… he doesn’t ask for a second date (nevermind a third or fourth).

If this has happened to you (or keeps happening), you’re likely missing one of the two essential things that make him reach across the table and say:

“I’d really like to see you again.”

In this clip, I tell you EXACTLY what to say so that he’ll ask you out again (and again, and again)…

(You might be surprised at how simple this is AND how often you’re skipping this step when you’re interacting with a guy you like, especially in the early stages of dating…)

It’s genuinely crazy to me how obvious the phrase in this video is, how simple it would be for people to say, how many more second dates it would get them… and yet, they still aren’t doing it. I’m excited to read your thoughts in the comments.

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