Have you ever felt insecure about something that’s happened with your partner and got yourself worked up in your mind? I have. Many times. 

And when this has happened to me I know I’ve not brought up the issue in a productive way. In fact, I’ve often approached the subject in a way I later regretted. 

What about you? Have you said something you wish you hadn’t? Reacted in a way you wish you could take back?

It’s a horrible feeling when we “sober up” emotionally, the cloud of anger or upset subsides, and we are left with this sinking feeling that somehow we’ve just messed it all up. 

If you can relate to being the kind of person whose emotions and anxieties can be easily triggered in a relationship, this epsidoe is really going to help you.

Let’s take back control over those emotions and put you back in the driver’s seat. And let’s learn to use our moments of friction to make our relationships even more beautiful.

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