We’ve all experienced this relentless form of self-torture . . .   Whether your breakup was two days or two decades ago, you find yourself looking back and wondering how things could’ve turned out had you acted differently. Had you known then what you know today.   Pretty soon, you’re living in the timeline where you didn’t “ruin everything” with that person . . . ultimately punishing yourself over a parallel universe you’ve created in your mind. In this clip, my brother Stephen and I answer the question, “Is it possible to ‘blow it’ with the right person?” and share how you can turn self-loathing into a better relationship with yourself (and your future partner). — Follow Matt @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey   — If you want to spend 3 days with me creating the conditions for your own happiness, then my next Virtual Retreat of 2023 is coming up fast! Head to MHVirtualRetreat.com to book your complimentary call with my Retreat Specialists who are on hand to hear your story (Special offer! $100 off the price if you get your spot booked before March 12th)