I truly loved this conversation my friend @lindseystirling . So often in life we’re told how important it is to love ourselves without any explanation of what that actually means or how to practically apply that advice. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with this concept, one practical tool is to recognize how we love other really important people in our lives. Our parents, children, siblings, nieces, nephews, old friends . . . our love for them doesn’t have anything to do with whether they have a good day or a bad day today. We love them because they’re ours, even though they can sometimes be difficult or don’t always realize their potential. And that’s how we have to start viewing ourselves. We don’t need to find all of these amazing things about ourselves to start valuing ourselves more. We love ourselves because we’re ours. WE are the ones responsible for looking after us. Love yourself like it’s your job; because it IS. — Download your free guide on how to get back into dating after heartbreak. Go to 3SecretsToLove.com and get your copy.