One of the most special moments in life is when we feel seen and in turn see somebody else for who they genuinely are. But this level of DEEP connection requires vulnerability. Truly opening up, being vulnerable and allowing someone to see us at our very core can be terrifying. It’s especially terrifying if we’ve opened ourselves up and been hurt in the process. We all have those negative reference points from our past. Maybe it was the way we were brought up, something that happened at school or the way we were treated in a past relationship. We experience pain and as a result our guard goes up. And although we may think that we’re avoiding pain, refusing to get vulnerable comes with its own pain. The pain of stagnation. The pain of avoidance. The pain of knowing that on some level we’re not opening ourselves up to the possibility of a deep connection, an amazing relationship or simply the opportunities that would allow us to create our best lives. So, I challenge you to make today the day you change that. — The Virtual Retreat is officially back this June 2-4! And there’s a special “Early Bird” offer available until the end of January. This means that if you lock in your spot for June now, you’ll get the best price available ($200 off your ticket) as well as 3 bonuses to reward you for taking early action. To learn more, simply head to , where you can choose a time to speak with one of my trusted Retreat Specialists who are on hand to answer any questions you may have.