So, this wasn’t the episode we planned to release this week. But an online conversation turned into something so unexpected that we scrapped the original plan and recorded something new, because I couldn’t wait to talk about it.

I asked men about their specific insecurities when it comes to early dating. And what we got back was more vulnerable and real than anyone expected. Not only that, but the women’s responses to the men’s candid comments were beautiful.

The incredible responses also brought up some themes, which I decided to take closer look at in this episode. These include:

– Men’s top insecurities, including how they feel insecure about being insecure

– Helpful ways to validate our partner if they feel insecure

– How to manage our feelings when the insecurity we see in someone else reminds us of our own insecurities.

This episode is all about bravery and kindness, and my goal is that by the end of it, you will understand and be able to relate to men a little better.

Your coach,


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