Ever found yourself in a situation where the person you are with is doing something that affects you negatively, only they don’t see it as a big deal?

They tell you they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, and that you should be OK with it.

That’s what happened to the woman whose story I tell in this episode.

Her boyfriend was regularly texting a female friend he’d made only recently. Every time she got upset about it, he told her she was being unnecessarily controlling and jealous and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. In today’s podcast, you’ll see exactly what I think she should do about this situation…

I always think one of the hardest things in a relationship is trying to figure out where we are overreacting and where we are justified. It can be maddening. If you’re wondering whether what someone is doing around you should be a deal-breaker, this will help you figure it out once and for all. Always in your corner.

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