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I’ve heard this story so many times before . . . You go on a date with a guy and instantly, you feel a strong connection.

What was supposed to just be drinks turns into dinner, which turns into a 12-hour affair.

When you do eventually part ways, you look down at your phone and find a message sitting in your inbox saying, “Can I see you tomorrow?”

You feel amazing. Over the next few weeks, it’s a whirlwind.

He wants to spend every waking minute together, he’s outspoken about his feelings for you, and upon waking, you always have a “Good morning, gorgeous!” text waiting for you.

He may even go so far as to introduce you to his friends and family. . . or say those three little words that so many others have struggled to say to you in the past . . .

It’s intense and fast, but it feels so good that you just let the romance sweep you off your feet.

Overnight, your life has turned into one of those romantic movie montages that show the highlight reel of a perfect relationship, except instead of the montage spanning a year or two, it’s hitting those milestones after a few weeks. And then, of course, it happens . . . something feels wrong, the communication slows down, he starts to pull away, and before you know it, he vanishes completely.

You’re left dazed, shellshocked, and wounded—fully relating to the term “love bombing” and wondering if any of it was even real. If this sounds familiar, then this episode is for you as I share 3 tests that will help you spot a love bomber.

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