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Are you a list maker? I am. It’s how I get things done.

But doesn’t life sometimes just feel like an endless “To-Do List”? We wake up, make a list, do what we can on that list, and before we know it, there’s another day, gone.

And, if we’re not careful, we get to the end of every day feeling like our confidence has been eroded because we didn’t even get to half of the list.

I don’t want my life to be one long box-ticking exercise, do you? If you want to feel like you’re truly LIVING, not just ticking boxes, check out this episode.

The technique I give in this episode shows us how to feel connected to the things we have to do in our day so that we don’t become list-checking zombies with no real joy in our lives.

I know once you learn this, it will become an indispensable part of your daily practice. I look forward to your feedback.

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