Have you ever wondered what the right amount of effort to put in with a guy is?

Should you let him know you’d like to go on a date with him?

And what about after the date… Should you let him know you’d like to see him again if you felt the date went well but he’s not being proactive about setting up another one?

Where is the line between showing a guy you like him, and chasing someone who’s simply not that interested? It can be tricky.

But I want to make it simple.

You may have heard me say, “Invest in those who invest in you.”

But that could leave you wondering to yourself: “Fine Matthew, but so often that means I’m doing nothing because no one is investing in me! And doesn’t someone need to take the first step to invest something if anything is ever going to happen?” It’s a valid point. I’ll show you exactly how to solve this at the end of this episode, so make sure you listen all the way through!

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