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Whether you’ve been following my work for 5 days or 5 years, this is one you can’t miss.

It’s one of the most fundamental concepts I’ve ever taught, and it is the key to:

– Increasing your confidence

– Expanding your life

– Being irreplaceable to the person you want

– Being able to handle any part of your life going wrong

This is where my dating advice meets my deeper advice for how to live an extraordinary life. Don’t listen to this episode for dating tips. Listen to level up your entire life.

Every week, I help millions of people create the love life they’ve always wanted. But I don’t want the state of your life and your happiness to ever be dependent on the status of your love life. T

he great irony is that it’s when your happiness no longer depends on the status of your love life that your love life finally has a chance to click. Enjoy this episode. It’s a big one.

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