Have you ever been hurt badly by someone in love? Those wounds can stay with us a long time.

They can stop us from taking chances again in love.

They can make us afraid of getting close to someone again…

Afraid of being vulnerable again…

Afraid of letting someone in…

Because if the result of letting our guard down and choosing to love someone is that we give up all of our power, then why bother, right?

Sure, we may be giving up the special experience of being in love, but at least we don’t have to experience those dreadful lows. If you can relate to this, today’s episode is for you.

You’ll hear me doing a live demonstration with someone who is going through exactly this issue. And what I tell her may be exactly the words you need to hear right now.

This isn’t isn’t a pep talk.

It’s a rational, practical strategy for how to navigate your love life after someone has hurt you, or broken your heart or your trust (or all 3).

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