I recently received this comment from one of my Love Life Club members, and I’m curious if you can relate:

“I’m starting to feel really uncomfortable with the fact that I’m still single. I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me that I haven’t found something lasting yet . . .”

This mindset is dangerous.

Why? Because our anxiety about being single can lead us to make some really poor and damaging choices.

It can turn our dating life into a game of musical chairs, where we scramble to find ANY “chair” for fear of being the only one left standing when the music stops.

And as if the uncertainty wasn’t bad enough, it’s usually joined by its friends: shame and comparison. We often spend so much time dealing with these feelings that we forget to even make space for the behaviors that would actually move us closer to what we want.

That’s why we need a shortcut, and today’s episode is just that.

I share with you 7 mindsets that will take the anxiety out of being single. If applied, each of them has the potential to make a dramatic difference in your love life.

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