You may have told yourself 100 times you’re ready to finally meet someone.

Maybe you even read a few dating tips and decided to go try them out. But then, you see that cute guy you like at work, in your social circle, or at a party.

You want to flirt.

You want to get him to notice you. T

hen at the crucial moment, you shrink. “H–hey”, you say, trying to play it cool. You make small talk. Chit-chat about everyday stuff, but nothing that ever amounts to flirting.

And you realize: I can’t do this. I’m too much of an introvert.

If you’ve ever used this excuse before, then get ready. Because I have 3 techniques today that are going to change your dating life forever.

You’re an introvert? Guess what, so am I.

Now you’ll find out why that can be your greatest superpower…

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