Let’s be real for a moment . . . We all sometimes wish we could be happier.

We blame all sorts of variables for holding us back from achieving this.

We tell ourselves that once we finally find a partner, secure a better job, or lose weight, life will be good and we will finally be happy.

But even when we achieve some of those goals, the “happiness goalposts” appear to move a little further down the field.

We can even forget that we have certain things in our lives now that 10 years ago we would’ve said were THE things that needed to happen in order for us to be happy.

In this brand-new episode taken from last week’s Virtual Retreat, I share two words that changed my outlook on this completely.

They become my compass whenever life throws something difficult my way.

With this simple shift, you can give yourself permission to start your life from where you are right now . . .

Let’s Create Magic in Your Life, Together.

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