Maybe you’ve always been afraid of rejection. Maybe there was a specific moment in your past where you experienced a devastating rejection that has left you fearing getting hurt again ever since.

The problem with the fear of rejection is that it still hurts even when we are not getting rejected.

I was taught by my boxing trainer, Martin Snow, that the worst punch you get is the one you never actually get hit with. It’s the one you think about and fear in your mind. That means that even without literally being rejected, we experience the pain by imagining it over and over again.

On top of that, we beat ourselves up for all the things we are missing out on as a result of our fear: potential partners, opportunities, experiences, adventures, and most importantly – our full potential.

Fear of rejection is one of the most human things in the world. We all experience it. But how can we learn to manage it, live with it, and even occasionally, overcome it? I know you’ve been dealt some really unfair situations. I know that sometimes it feels like we can’t take anymore pain. But life is short… I’m with you, friend.

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