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Do you feel you’re holding yourself back in life?

Do you avoid taking risks with people you’re attracted to?

Do you find yourself shying away from new things in life, new experiences, new possibilities?

Are there things you’ve been talking about doing in your career or life that always seem to stay on the horizon and never actually happen?

It’s tough when life makes it hard for us to achieve things we want to achieve, but it’s far worse when we know that WE are the ones holding us back.

It could be through fear of rejection, failure, not feeling worthy, or simply being terrified of the unknown. And we’ll find all sorts of logical and rational excuses for why we can’t do something now, why it’s not the right time, or why we’re not capable or ready.

But the truth is, we can waste our entire lives holding ourselves back from the life we could have and becoming the person we want to be.

And that can happen in the blink of an eye. We wake up one day and realize that all that time we thought we had is gone.

This episode will save you from that fate . . .