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I get SO many questions about standards in early-stage dating every week…

How do you set standards?

How do you know if your standards are too high, too low, or are scaring people away?

How do you communicate your standards in a kind and honest way? What if all of my standards are fulfilled by someone except one important one?

To answer some of these questions, this week I take a real woman’s story and give 3 practical techniques for solving it that I think you’re going to find really valuable.

If you struggle too much inside your head when you like someone, especially if it doesn’t feel like it’s quite going your way, this episode is going to help you make sense of things…

Also, we are finishing this year with a bang.

As you know, I just released my brand new program The Momentum Texts (thank you to all of you who got your copy, and for the incredible early feedback).

Well, to add one more surprise, at the end of this new episode I announce something many of you have been waiting for in the last few weeks. I’ll see you there to tell you about it.