When you’re dating in 2022, you can almost be sure that the person in front of you on that first date is dating multiple people at the same time. This omnipresent truth can make you nervous as you so desperately want to stand out from the crowd.

The truth is, we all want so badly to be unforgettable on a date . . . but actually making that happen can feel tricky.

In the pursuit of “making someone like us,” we may give in to the knee-jerk reaction of trying to impress them, or worse . . . people please.

Even though we told ourselves we’d be chill and genuine, we suddenly find ourselves working our most spectacular moments into conversation, hoping they’ll see us for the treasure we are.

Or we get so nervous that our walls go up and we lose all warmth and become sarcastic and cutting instead.

These performances will often have us showcasing the more insecure sides of ourselves, taking the focus away from the purpose of being on that date in the first place: connection.

But luckily, truly connecting—and making yourself memorable—is much simpler than that.

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