When you’re looking for a partner to have a family with, the pressure of the timeline imposed on you by your biological clock can make the whole process overwhelming. (Not to mention, when you’re fearful that time is running out, you can end up making bad dating choices.) In this episode, Matthew talks to two experts on fertility: Dr. Serena H. Chen, a fertility doctor, and Dr. Ioana Baiu, a surgeon who’s gone through the egg-freezing process, as we dive deep into the benefits and challenges of family planning, to find out ways you can get your power back when it comes to deciding on when to have children, how to consciously date when you know you want a family, and how to maximize your reproductive options. — ►► Stop Waiting and Start Creating the Happiness You Deserve NOW – Claim your spot on my Virtual Retreat, June 2 – 4, 2023 → MHVirtualRetreat.com