Matthew Hussey Live – FAQ

Matthew Hussey Live


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. ‘Will I really be seeing Matthew live?’
  2. ‘Can I bring a friend?’
  3. ‘I’m coming alone. Is that ok?’
  4. ‘Will there be breaks?’
  5. ‘Is food and drink available at the venue?’
  6. ‘What should I bring?’
  7. ‘How does seating work?’
  8. ‘What time should I arrive?’
  9. ‘Will I be brought up on stage in front of people?’
  10. ‘Does The Event Really Finish at 6pm?’
  11. ‘I can’t print the ticket, what should I do?’
  12. ‘The tickets are sold out? Can I still buy tickets?’
  13. ‘When the door closes after registration, does it mean I can’t get in anymore?’

1) ‘Will I really be seeing Matthew live?’

Yes – I present the full day in person. How much longer I’ll be able to keep touring with all of the TV and radio projects I have going on I don’t know, so you’ve made a great decision to catch me now.

2) ‘Can I bring a friend?’

Absolutely. I highly encourage you to bring friends. However, if you’re thinking of coming alone…

3) ‘I’m coming alone. Is that ok?’

Of course! Many women (from every age group) come on their own. You’re going to meet incredible women at the event – new friends you can chat with, exchange numbers, and go out and try your new techniques with afterwards. One of the best things about Matthew Hussey Live is that you’ll walk away with a brand new support system of women to share your journey with.

4) ‘Will there be breaks?’

There’s no lunch break (I’ve got so much to share with you), but you’re free to step outside to use the restroom or grab a bite any time you need to.

5) ‘Is food and drink available at the venue?’

Each city is slightly different, but it’s best to assume that there’s no food or drink available for purchase in the venue. (Bring your own lunch, a snack and a bottle of water.)

6) ‘What should I bring?’

Bring your ticket to get in – you’ll have received this from EventBrite (both when you booked and 2 days before the event). You can either bring a print out or show a copy of it on your phone – this will then get scanned at the door.

Also, bring a sweater in case the room is chilly, a pen and a notepad. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to bring food for lunch, a snack, and a bottle of water to keep you energized and hydrated.

7) ‘How does seating work?’

Depending on your ticket, general admission is first come, first seated. Please follow the ushers’ directions once you get into the main room. If you want to sit as a group, please arrive and check in as a group. All of our events sell out – that means that every seat is taken.

If you have a premium ticket, seating will be allocated to you upon checking in.

8) ‘What time should I arrive?’

Doors open at 11am and the event starts promptly at 12pm. You’ll need to give yourself time to go to the restroom, find a seat, and get seated. Plus there may be a line to get in. If you want good seats and the full experience (we have something fun to show you before I get on stage), we recommend getting to the venue by 11:15am. If you arrive at 11:45 or later we cannot guarantee that you’ll be in your seat for when the show starts.

9) ‘Will I be brought up on stage in front of people?’

There will be one exercise during the event where I welcome two women on stage to help with a demonstration. These are volunteers – please don’t worry that you’ll be forced on in any way, but likewise, with the size of the audience, I cannot guarantee you’ll be selected if you do wish to join me.

10) ‘Does the event finish at 6pm?’

The event finishes at 6, but sometimes we run a bit over at the end, until about 7pm. You definitely don’t want to miss the final section of the event, where I reveal how to take your relationship from Casual to Committed, so please allow yourself some cushion with travel plans. We’ve seen it so many times where people have to leave early and they are at the door kicking themselves wishing they could get out of their social plans. Don’t be that person. Assume you’re going to be there until at least 7pm.

11) ‘I can’t print the ticket, what should I do?’

If the ticket won’t print or you lack access to a printer, please write down your confirmation number and have to hand when checking in.

12) ‘The tickets are sold out? Can I still buy tickets?’

You can’t buy tickets if we’re sold out, but you can add yourself to the waitlist by emailing

Also, be sure to keep an eye out on my Twitter and Facebook for new tour dates and on the tour page.

13) ‘When the door closes after registration, does it mean I can’t get in anymore?’

You can still arrive after registration, but I can’t guarantee you’ll get a good seat so I recommend arriving early.

If you have any other questions please email Samantha at