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Secrets of Attraction

Secret 1: You must be in the right state of mind to attract and meet men. Looking bored with your friends does not send the signal that you are a “high value” woman. Give off an approachable energy.

Secret 2: When trying to attract a man, there are 2 major body language DON’Ts: DON’T do “The Lighthouse” – which means scanning the room back and forth, looking unhappy with your surroundings. And DON’T make a “Fortress” – When you make a closed circle with your friends, you appear closed off and disinterested in meeting new people. To open up your energy, make a “V” shape with your friends, facing out, ready for guys to approach.

Secret 3: The first thing you must do when you see someone you want to talk to is look at him. This may sound simple but most people get this wrong. Often, women will glance at a man and assume this conveys her interest, but it doesn’t. Men need a clearer signal. So look once for half a second, then look again with a slight smile. This says “I’m curious,” and gives him the green light to come talk to you.

These 3 secrets are only the beginning… I can teach you every step to attract and keep an amazing man this holiday season and beyond.

If you’re ready, my deeper presentation, “The Man Myth,” can help you get the love life you’ve always wanted. Follow this advice today and I GUARANTEE you’ll have a special guy to kiss on New Year’s Eve. That’s how confident I am that it works.