4 Opening Lines You Can Say To A Guy Without Sounding Cheesy

Can women make the first move?

Stop thinking about it as making the first move. You’re merely giving a guy license to do the chasing. You know you can’t keep relying on men to do it, because believe me when I this: they won’t.

Most women will never appreciate how hard it can be for most men to rack up the courage to come over and approach you. Now I’m not saying you absolutely have to take on the burden yourself, approaching all attractive guys you see to start meeting them; you can do certain things to increase your chances of having them approach you. But for this article I just want to share a few lines for the more proactive amongst you.

So many people perceive breaking the ice to be the part where all first impressions are made, and where a relationship initially hinges, but really it’s the least important part of the conversation. You don’t have to come up with something miraculous, just get in conversation, and soon enough you’ll be having so much fun together, that you will have forgotten what led you into conversation.

And don’t fear that being the one to break the ice lowers your value in his eyes; it doesn’t. In fact, with many men it will do wonders for you, as it immediately demonstrates a quiet confidence that many women other women are sadly lacking.

In regards to the opening lines, there are generally three great ways for women to start a conversation: compliments, favours and playful statements. Now I go into all of these in really great detail in our ebook, but for this article I just want to give you the practical lines to take away, so you can at least start approaching the men you find attractive!


Okay, we’re not going to have you going over and telling him how darn sexy he is; relax because we’re going to take a very subtle approach. Just ask yourself why you find him attractive, and give him a very specific compliment, for example,

“Hey I love your jacket. You have such great taste for a guy…”

When you’re complimenting a guy, it can be easier to start flirting by breaking rapport and immediately getting playful. Guys really do crave validation, and teasing them with it, with a line like this is perfect, as you’ll often find they want to drag the conversation back to your initial compliment.


You can talk to practically any guy by starting with a simple,

“Hey, can you help me?”

By doing this, you’re immediately making him feel like more of a man. And you’ve got the freedom to then take this in any direction you want.

Playful Statements

If you’re out with friends, you can make a game by guessing what he does for a living, and going over and telling him.

“Hey, me and my friends were just playing a stupid game where we were guessing people’s jobs. You look like an actor; you seem as though you’re a free spirit who shouldn’t be trapped behind a desk all day.”

This fourth line that I’m going to give you can be used as a kind of default or back up. Just use it when you’re out and about when nothing else comes to mind – so now you have no excuse whatsoever for not going over and speaking to him!

“Hey, how’s your night going?”

As basic as it is, you’ll pull some really great reaction from guys with this.

Trust me on this, just go out there and get chatting to some guys, and you won’t believe how warm and friendly they are when you make the first move!

When it comes to approaching and attracting guys, the more hints and tips you have, the faster you’ll be with the man of your dreams.

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