Flirting Tips For Women That Create Instant Attraction

Firstly, what is flirting?

I don’t think flirting is something that one should ever have to define. Webster might tell us that flirting is ‘behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract someone’ and whilst this may give us an idea of what flirting is, many of us are still left unable to create instant attraction with guys.

I think instead, we should all have our own understanding of what we think flirting is to us, before we try to move on to the flirting tips for women that create a great chemistry and instant attraction.

Flirting For Me

For me personally, flirting is getting enthralled by playful and childish games. It’s as if you and the person you are with are creating this aura around you that only you can see; that only you two are in on.

Flirting can be the way you look at someone. Flirting can be paying someone a compliment for the first time. Flirting can be challenging someone or even insulting someone, so long as you’ve got a big cheeky grin on your face when you say it!

Flirting is such a fluid concept, and the idea of it is something that I’ve always been deeply fascinated by. I think the beauty of flirting is that everyone has their own take on it, and it’s these contrasts and similarities in the way people operate that creates great chemistry.


You can never have great chemistry with everyone; no matter how charming, charismatic and engaging you might be, there will always be people you just don’t ‘click’ with. But it’s this synergy between two people when they do click that creates instant attraction.

It’s this kind of synergy that makes great romantic novels, blockbuster movies and it’s these moments that we as humans are all in endless pursuit of.

Why was flirting so much easier when we were kids?

Think back to when you were at school, and you saw a boy you really fancied. I’m sure it came a lot more naturally to you back then than it does now with a guy you really like. And it’s because as adults, we’re always looking to censor ourselves; our actions, what we say, and how we communicate. And it’s this censoring that stops you from clicking with people. You can read all the flirting tips for women that glossy mags and dating sites have to offer, but if you don’t let yourself go a little, you’re never going to really have that chemistry with someone.

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to break out of our shells; to be a bit cheeky or a little bit playful. The problem isn’t not knowing how to flirt; it’s being cautious and caring what other people think of us.

Stop caring

The thing that most people don’t seem to realize is that flirting should look a little silly to those around you. Flirting should be a bit childish and playful. And when it is, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is thinking because you’ve already stepped out of your shell, and you’re far more focused on the person you’re attracted to whose in front of you.

Flirting tips for girls

Here I say “for girls” because I think they’re the ones you really need to learn from in this instance…

1) Get Playful
2) Challenge Guys
3) Role Play
4) Be Unpredictable
5) Be Animated

It’s on my events and in my newsletter where I really get into these topics and elaborate on the practical applications of them. But as I said earlier, you all know how to flirt. You’ve all done it before, and you’ll all do it again because it’s instinctive. Just let yourself get in touch with your impulses and stop censoring yourself.

When it comes to flirting, the more natural and congruent you are with how you do it, the more you will ‘click’ with the guys that you’re already meeting.

So now you know some flirting tips for women that will instantly attract a guy, it’s crucial to keep him wanting more…

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