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You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this is especially true when flirting with men.

Let’s set the scene: you’re at a social gathering (friends birthday, flat-warming… etc), and you want to you spot a guy in the room you’re attracted to.

What are the basics you should know about how to flirt with men?

Step 1 – Get the mindset – Which woman is this guy going to meet?

Mindset – Is he going to meet and chat with the woman who has the meeting with her boss at work on Tuesday morning, or is it the confident, funny, real you?

When it comes to flirting tips for women, the key is to always think playful.

Women who are open and playful exude a feminine energy that men find universally attractive.

They say 7% of communication is verbal. So be aware, even when you’re not saying anything; you’re saying a lot.

Step 2 – Flirting from a distance

Eye contact – Be careful not too over do it, but this is a great way to develop initial attraction.

Remember, the more you do it, the greater the chances that the guy will approach you. As an extra tip, try looking up at him through your lashes!

Then let a little smile come on to your face when he makes eye contact, as if you’ve just been caught out.

These little coy gestures are gold for when you want to flirt with men from a distance.

Step 3 – A bit closer….

Voice – Remember, confidence is in your projection; so make sure he can hear you!

Also, remember to use your voice to express your personality. You can’t flirt if you speak in a dull monotone.

Vary the pace and pitch of your voice throughout conversation. For example, as conversation gets more personal you want to slow the pace down to get more intimate.

Step 4 – Breaking the touch barrier…

Physical contact – Initiate a sense of touch early in the conversation.

Nothing drastic, I mean something like a two handed handshake, or a light touch on the arm after he makes joke.

This can help to establish an early connection and makes you immediately more comfortable with each other. The key with this is to always think playful, rather than overtly seductive (which can seem too forward).

So that’s your basics; treat these as your training wheels and next time you want to flirt at a social event, start getting in that playful mindset! Use our guide on the best places to meet men and see where you’re Mr right is.

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