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Does My Boyfriend Love Me? 3 Instant Ways To Tell

So you’re asking yourself ‘does my boyfriend love me?’ Firstly I just want to point out that the less you dwell on this, and the more certain you become, the greater your connection will be, and the more he will grow to love you.

So with this article my main aim is to give you that certainty that he does love you, and here are the three ways we’re going to do just that…

Does he want to know about your day?

The easiest and most instantaneous way to answer the question ‘does my boyfriend love me?’ is to ask yourself if he’s sincerely interested in you and what you’re doing. When he sees you, as well as telling you everything on his mind, is he genuinely curious to find out what’s new in your world?

In order to grow the connection between you it’s important that he doesn’t only see you as his girlfriend, but also as his best friend. If he really loves you, he’ll have a genuine interest in every area of your life.

Does he step-up when you need him?

The second way to tell if he loves you is to look for small gestures that show that he’s looking out for you. These gestures can be as small as looking after you when you’re down, getting you medicine when you’re sick, and finally thoughtful acts of kindness to surprise you.

The reason this shows that he really loves you is because when guys that are not 100% committed, they will hesitate to step-up and be there for you as they know that by doing so they are creating more and more ties with you, when they might have getting out in the back of their mind.

Does he do stuff he doesn’t like for you?

The third way to find out if he loves you is to ask yourself if he does things he doesn’t like (because you want to do them). This can be demonstrated in going to a show he can’t stand because he knows you love the theatre; going to meet your family, even though they don’t get on exceptionally well or even buying you your favourite yogurt that he hates when he goes to the supermarket.

As small as these acts are, they are not usually things we will put up with for those we don’t love and they show that he’s really thinking of you.

And that’s how you answer the dreaded thought, ‘does my boyfriend love me?’!

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