Behind The Curtain Ol

It looks like the cat's out of the bag

If you’ve chosen to come here, that means you’re a person who wants more from life:

More love, more career opportunities, more charisma, more confidence to go after the things your heart desires most.

You and I are a lot alike.

Which is why I’m about to hand you – for free – my most closely guarded, personal secrets to make you stand out from everyone in the first five minutes of any interaction.

I must warn you, these tools are extremely powerful. They will give you an unfair advantage because most people will never know how to get results like this. So use your new techniques carefully.

Now before I hand you the same secrets that I rely on every day in my own career and personal life, I have a confession to make…

My brother, Stephen, had to twist my arm to get me to reveal this information in the first place. This secret guide was actually written by him as an exposé of sorts (For the back story check out this short video).

To be honest, I said “NO” at first, because this was just too personal and revealing.

But after a lot of discussion, I realized Stephen was right. The techniques he wants to give you will be a huge benefit to the women in our community who are looking for help transforming their lives beyond just their relationships.

The secrets he’s sharing today are on a particularly important topic: How to hold anyone spellbound in the first 5 minutes (one person or one thousand).

You’ll quickly see in Stephen’s guide that everything you say and do in the first 5 minutes of an interaction make or break any situation you’re in whether it’s at work, in your dating life, or your social life.

Stephen and I are giving you the 6 simple techniques I always use to take control of the first 5 minutes of whatever I’m faced with (a TV appearance, a magazine interview, a seminar in front of 1,000 people…anything). I use these on TV in front of the entire country, imagine what they can do for you in your everyday life.

With the guide, Stephen also included audio from a recent radio interview I did and he reveals to you where and how I used each of the 6 techniques. Using the guide and audio together is a powerful combination.

While this is a bit embarrassing for me to reveal so much about my behind-the-scenes work, I’m genuinely happy that Stephen pushed me to give this to you because I know it will make a huge impact on your life.

Just make me one promise: that you’ll try the 6 techniques yourself. You’ll be shocked at the results you get!

To owning The First 5,
matt xx

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