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Matthew Hussey Retreat Livestream Waiver - Release of Liability

This Release of Liability and Livestream Waiver (“Agreement”) is entered into on the date in which you, the Participant, checks the corresponding box and purchases access to the Retreat (defined below), and is by and between 320 Media LLC (“Company”) and you, the Livestream Attendee (the “Participant”). Participant understands and agrees he/she is entering into a legally binding Agreement with Company, inclusive of the following terms and conditions mutually agreed upon herein.

Livestream Event Details
Participant is electing to purchase a Livestream Ticket to the 2024 “Matthew Hussey Retreat” hosted by Matthew Hussey (“Livestream” or “Retreat”), which includes livestream access to all seminar-style broadcasts of the Retreat, as well as pre-recorded meditation and exercise prompts. Participant understands and agrees he/she is gaining access only to the livestream portion of the Retreat – Company will not be offering recordings of any seminars, nor will there be any “make up” opportunities – Participant must view the seminars live if he/she would like to view them.

Consideration for Retreat
A. The total investment for Retreat is $2500, if paid in full, upfront at the time Retreat ticket is reserved, and includes livestream access to all seminars and talks given at Retreat, as well as all pre-recorded material Company elects to share with Participant.
B. Payment Plan. With Company approval, Participant may elect to finance the cost of the Livestream ticket and purchase via a payment plan, requiring a non-refundable down payment followed by a number of installment payments in the total sum of $2500. If Participant later learns he/she is not available to view the Livestream on the date of the Retreat, Participant will still remain financially responsible for the full Retreat amount and must make all remaining payments, unless Participant is able to sell the ticket to a third party.
C. If for any reason Company must cancel or reschedule Retreat due to illness, weather, or any other reason, Company will provide all participants with as much notice as possible, as well as the rescheduled date, if known. If Participant is not available to view the Livestream on the newly scheduled date, Participant will be offered a credit to a future event or offering from Company of equal value.

Cooling Off Period:
Following Participant’s purchase, he/she will have fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of purchase during which Participant may reach out to Company and receive a full refund (“Cooling Off Period”), no questions asked. Following this Cooling Off Period, there will be no refunds or opportunity to exchange ticket, beyond upgrading to attend Retreat live, as outlined herein.

No Refunds Outside of Cooling Off Period:
Once Participant purchases access to Company’s Retreat and the Cooling Off Period has passed, he/she may not obtain a refund of the funds already paid in connection with the Retreat. Participant understands this provision, and confirms he/she will not purchase a Livestream Ticket unless and until he/she is certain he/she may attend. Should Company encounter any technical difficulties with Livestream in such that the majority of it is not viewable to participants, Company will do its best to remedy the situation and provide Participant with an equal opportunity to view the Retreat. If Participant’s inability to view Livestream is due to a technology error or issue on Participant’s end, Company is not responsible nor liable to provide any further services in lieu of Livestream.

Voluntary Participation
Participant agrees and understands that his or her decision to view the Livestream of Retreat is purely voluntary, and must be independently decided by Participant. To the extent allowable by law, any negative experiences before, during or after the Livestream is no fault or responsibility of Company. Participant acknowledges and agrees Company has not forced nor personally advised Participant of his/her/their need to join the Retreat; Participant has decided based upon the totality of circumstances that it would benefit him or her attend the Livestream and that Participant would like to attend, inclusive of all potential activities and trainings offered (either LIVE or pre-recorded) at Retreat, and does not hold Company responsible for such decision. Participant will not hold Company nor any affiliates, employees, owners, or contractors responsible for any injury, issue, or negative experience occurring while viewing Retreat, as a result of his/her participation within Retreat, or anything that happens thereafter, for any reason.

Given the virtual nature of Livestream, Participant will not need any accommodations to attend, nor will any travel be required. Any decision to travel before or during Livestream shall be wholly unrelated to Company and in no way related to or sponsored by Company.

Risk Acknowledgement and Acceptance
Participant understands and acknowledges there may also be risks associated with attending the Retreat Livestream, including but not limited to viewing the Livestream of powerful seminars, workshops, visualizations, and other talks given by Matthew Hussey of Company or any other guest speakers. Participant further acknowledges and voluntarily assumes these risks, as well as any other risk of injury or illness (mental or physical) obtained while viewing Retreat, and agrees Company is in no way responsible or liable for any negative results or injuries he/she may sustain as a result of viewing Livestream or any of the pre-recorded bonuses. If at any point Participant feels mentally overwhelmed, unhappy, or experiences any other kind of emotional reaction to the Livestream, Participant has the option to (i) stop all participation, and/or (ii) temporarily leave the virtual room where the Livestream is being broadcast. Participant understands Company is not responsible for any resulting injury (physical or mental), or other negative issue that occurs during or after the Livestream.

Due to the virtual nature of this Retreat, Participant bears additional responsibility to communicate any medical conditions or previous mental trauma (if any) to the appropriate professional prior to Retreat.If Participant suffers from any physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental conditions, or otherwise believes for any reason that such Livestream may be problematic for Participant, Participant agrees he/she will (i) discuss any potential issues with his/her physician and/or mental health professional as needed, (ii) will not complete this purchase without first consulting with his/her mental health professional. By completing the purchase of this Livestream Retreat, you as the Participant confirm you have or will be evaluated by the appropriate health professional prior to attending the Livestream, and will not seek liability, damages, or costs in any lawsuit involving the Company. All participation is purely voluntary; Participant will use his/her best judgment regarding whether all seminars, visualizations, workshops, or other elements of Livestream are appropriate for Participant, and shall act accordingly to ensure his/her safety during Retreat.

No Warranties
Livestream is for educational purposes only and no warranty is given for the benefits which result from it. Participant is responsible for any decisions he/she makes or any actions Participant takes as a result of his/her attendance and Participant agrees that Company cannot be held responsible for the results of any such action taken by Participant.

Medical Attention
Due to the virtual nature of the Livestream, Company is not able to provide immediate medical care, or develop insight into whether Participant is in need of medical care or mental health treatment. Participant understands and agrees that should he/she feel at any point during or after Livestream that he/she is in mental distress, that he/she needs to speak with someone, or otherwise that he/she is experiencing troubling mental or physical symptoms, Participant agrees to immediately stop Livestream and seek mental health treatment or medical treatment needed.

Disclaimer / Indemnification
Participant expressly agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Company and all affiliates, contractors, employees, and owners harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, rights or causes of action or any person or entity that may arise from mental health trauma, injuries or damages sustained by Participant as a direct or indirect result of viewing Livestream, and agrees to hold Company harmless should any physical, emotional, or financial injury occur as a direct or indirect result of any aspect of Livestream. Participant confirms he/she is choosing to purchase this ticket and view Livestream voluntarily and confirms any expectations or preconceived notions about Livestream are purely speculation.

Company is also not to be responsible nor liable if Livestream and/or Retreat is not what Participant expects, or if Participant is subjectively dissatisfied with the Livestream. Company does it best to accurately and adequately market Livestream to outline the content, potential benefits, and past attendees’ experiences; however, none of the above guarantees Participant will have the same experiences, same results, or obtain any tangible personal or professional benefits from Retreat. Company cannot guarantee Participant will experience any professional or personal gain from Retreat, and promises only to deliver the Retreat and Livestream as promised.

Participant understands that all services provided by Company in connection with the Livestream are provided on an “as is” basis, meaning it is without any guarantees, representations, or warranties, including but not limited to warranties relating to quality, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or expectation or course of performance. Participant is choosing to view Livestream on a purely voluntary basis and does not hold Company responsible should Participant become dissatisfied with any portion of Livestream. Participant agrees that he/she does not have a cause of action, legal remedy, and is not entitled to a refund should he/she not achieve the results desired following Retreat.

Ticket Upgrade
At any time, Participant may elect to apply the cost of the Livestream ticket to the tuition for the in person Retreat in September 2024 by reaching out to a Company team member regarding such upgrade.

Dispute Resolution
Any dispute or issue relating to Livestream is to be resolved via arbitration in or as near as possible to the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This Waiver is also controlled by Florida Law and is to be construed by the laws of Florida, regardless of location of Retreat or Participant.

Term / Termination
This Waiver is to take effect as soon as Participant signs below, and is to continue in full force and effect through the date of Retreat, unless terminated earlier by either party as outlined below.

Company may terminate this Agreement at any time with or without cause. If terminated without cause, Participant will be entitled to a refund/credit for other Company services. If terminated for cause by Company prior to the date of Retreat, Participant will not be entitled to a refund.

Participant may terminate this Agreement at any time; however, he/she will not be entitled to a refund nor any other compensation.

I, PARTICIPANT, have read the foregoing waiver and release, and voluntarily agree to the terms as written, with full knowledge of its content and meaning. I understand this Waiver is being agreed to in addition to and in accordance with any additional Agreements between myself and Company, in relation to any other programs or services from Company that I am currently participating in. I confirm that my decision to check the box confirming my agreement to these terms shall constitute a full and complete agreement, and intention to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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