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"How to Talk to Men"

"How to Talk to Men: 59 Secret Scripts To Melt His Heart, Unlock What He’s Thinking, And Make Him Want To Be With You Forever" is the ultimate collection of phrases that pierce a man’s heart and make him powerless to resist doing exactly what you want. My “Secret Scripts” give you the exact words to say – in person, online, over text, and more – so you’ll always know how to communicate in every possible scenario, from attraction to commitment and beyond… …to get the exact results you want with almost zero work on your part! How to Talk to Men is the ultimate companion to What Men Want. I designed these two programs to work together for this reason: Learning what men want is the essential foundation to create success in your love life. But that can only get you so far. Knowing how to talk to men in a way that gets you what you want is the critical piece of the puzzle that most women get wrong time and again. I’m going to teach you how to smash through the communication roadblocks that sabotage even the most promising relationships so you can get the lasting love you’ve always wanted. In How to Talk to Men, you’ll discover:
  • My “Instant Attraction” script – the most irresistible way to approach a guy
  • Your “Magical First Date Cheat Sheet” – guaranteed to get you a second date
  • My “Red Hot Flirting” scripts - create a sizzling sexual connection
  • The “Booty Call Buster” – he’ll treat you like a queen
  • My “Instant Commitment” script – he’ll beg to be exclusive with you
  • The “Sprinkler and the Power Hose” approach – the no-resentment way to get what you want from men
  • And more

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Women have told me they would happily pay $297.00 or more for these life-changing secrets in a done-for-you “guidebook to men” that gets immediate results. But today I am giving you How to Talk to Men – including every cut-and-paste script to get everything you want from men at every stage… …for the insanely small investment in your happiness of $297.00 just $47 today. Each one of these techniques will be life changing for your dating life and your future relationship with the guy of your dreams. You’re getting so much value; it would be crazy not to grab your spot while I’m still making this offer.

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  1. “Texting Magic” training video
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  5. 10 Essential Texts to Men Cheat Sheet
  6. “The Language of Desire” coaching video
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How to Talk to Men is by far my most popular program because it hands you proven-to-work, copy-and-paste-simple scripts you can use in every day situations with guys to get quick, effortless results. Here’s what just a handful of women like you had to say…

“I am now dating a guy that I really like and it’s going even better than I imagined. Your scripts work like a charm. – Shanice

Within a week of purchasing your course, I got my first date in over half a year. I don't know how you did it, but I can't wait to continue reading.” - Li

“Your How to Talk to Men program is my daily resource to learn how to connect with my guy in his own language.”- Llyane

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Just like you’re getting with What Men Want, I’m also giving you my 30 day, 100% money back guarantee with How to Talk to Men, so this really is a no-brainer for you. Try it out and see how, together with What Men Want, I’m handing you the complete toolkit to understand and communicate with men on the deepest level possible so you can enjoy lasting love with your Mr. Right. Click the button below to get your instant access to How to Talk to Men… Today - one payment of $297.00 just 47 dollars

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